The Libertarian Angle: Q&A on Open Borders

Hornberger answer questions they got about libertarians on borders. Here is my reaction after hearing just the first question.

So-called “Open Borders” is NOT NOT NOT “the” libertarian position!! And not all libertarians say it is. At least not without qualifications.

ONE. it is absolutely most important to point out that in a “pure libertarian society”, where there is a near-universal respect for the non-aggression principle (aka NAP), almost all areas at borders and near borders would be <<<PRIVATE property, not government property, and that would include all maintained roads.

And tresspassing without permission, or without obvious implicit permission, would be verboten. Like as in, Thou Shalt Not Pass. One of the biggest problems on the southern borders of the United States is that of illegal entrants crossing multiple ranchers’ land, like in southern Arizona.

It’s a dry area, so many ranchers find dead hikers on their land frequently. The tresspassers leave garbage behind from small camps, and human waste, things that the ranchers must clean up and manage. THAT, my friends Jacob Hornberger and Richard Ebeling, is THEFT, not just “open borders”.

You explicitly agree with this principle. But for your restrict your answer to public roads. By which you mean GOVERNMENT roads. Government roads are illegitimate. They are based on illegal takings (“eminent domain”) from landowners, but this is enforced at the threat of the guns of “law enforcement”. Those roads and border crossing points are build with funds STOLEN from the prospective future neighbors, and manned with same.

The best way to know what the taxpayers want done with that STOLEN money with respect to borders is whatever the closest legitimate desires would be of the people they STOLE the funds from. There is no clear method for finding that out. The closest way to know is to find the desires of the “electorate”.

And that approximation of the middle class of America, ravaged and savaged by the regimes that are the biggest thieves in history, the federal government (and most states), they made clear their views by voting for the first guy who credibly promised to actually “control the borders”.

I am for absolutely free movement in societies that respect the principle of liberty and property.


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