$75 billion and none of the Leaker-Gate leakers found any evidence to leak


That’s my word for it: Leaker-gate, because it turns out there is no Russia gate.

Former Reagan budget director, David Stockman, who quit the post Reagan ignored his advice and jumped into the debt abyss with both feet, has laid out a list of facts that rip the mask off the troublesome trio of unmaskers. From David Stockman’s article at https://lewrockwell.com/2017/07/david-stockman/lock-them-up/…:

The enabling culprits are Obama’s last CIA director, John Brennan, his national security advisor Susan Rice and UN Ambassador Samantha Power. There is now mounting evidence that it was they who illegally “unmasked” NSA intercepts from Trump Tower; they who confected the Russian meddling narrative from behind the protective moat of classified intelligence; and they who orchestrated a systematic campaign of leaks and phony intelligence reports during the presidential transition—-all designed to delegitimize Trump before he even took the oath of office.

So all three of them should be locked­up—-that’s for sure. But the more urgent solution would be to unlock and make public all the innuendo, surmises, assessments, half-truths and boilerplate intelligence chatter on which the entire false narrative about Russian meddling and collusion is based.

Stated differently, without the nation’s massive intelligence apparatus and absurd system of secrecy and classified information to hide behind, the RussiaGate witch hunt would have never gotten off the ground.

In truth, as we will essay below, there is no there, there. So what this new chapter in McCarthyite hysteria actually demonstrates is that the Imperial City’s far-flung, 17-agency, $75 billion Intelligence Behemoth is a plenary threat not just to individual liberty, but to the very constitutional democracy on which the latter depends.

To appreciate the severity of the threat, it is necessary to recognize that the post-9/11 Deep State has lowered a double whammy on our system. That is, it unconstitutionally collects the entirety of all internet based communications of America’s 325 million citizen, while at the same time it has effectively disenfranchised 98% of the 535 members of the House and Senate who have been elected to represent them.

Accordingly, behind the Surveillance State’s vast wall of secrecy and so-called “classified” information, there operates a Dark Government that is unaccountable to the public and largely unconstrained by normal constitutional limits, which the Patriot Act and secret FISA courts have more or less suspended.

I often wonder:
Why in the world do shameless criminals like them, their Enabler-in-Chief Obama, and the former Secretary of State with her own serial rapist husband, why do they act with complete impunity? Where does this confidence come from that they will never suffer the appropriate consequence for their actions? Why do they think that the prosecutors and FBI directors who should be ordering more investigations of these criminal acts, that add up to what for regular serfdom citizens like us would result in getting thrown in a cage?

No wonder that one way or another the current regime that rules in the United States of America will come tumbling down soon. And I’m not talking about Donald Trump, who has apparently allowed himself to be boxed in and prevented from taking the action recommended by smart guys with alternative news sites that are shut out of Mockingbird Media.

As Jesus told us in the Gospels, what is whispered in the bedchambers has been shouted from the rooftops, and their crimes are known.

As God promised, however, their sins will catch up to them, and when the judgment falls on the regime in our imperial capital, all the world will see that although God’s wheels of justice grind exceedingly slow to our point of view, they grind exceedingly fine, even in this life.

I used to wonder why the biggest villains in the world seemed to prosper in their lifetime despite God’s law of “Sow and Reap”, as I call it as I have been persuaded by wiser heads than myself that the principle did its work in this life, not just the next life.

But I finally realized that I was looking at it from the world’s perspective, in purely material terms. For example, Josef Stalin spent his life in a prison of paranoia, terrified at the prospect that someone near him might lose their fear of him, killing all his closest colleagues. The Bolsheviks who used Western millionaire plutocrat backing to steal over 17 million square kilometers of geography, and control of its people.

Pol Pot became a curse word in Cambodia to this day. Mao Tse Tung is discredited, and even though the Communist Party has tried to exonerate him, they did it by implicitly accusing him of lacking common sense and executing his four most trusted advisers, including his wife. And they threw the Little Red Book in the trash bin, shredded. FDR is fast becoming exposed as the guy who prolonged the Cold War, legitimized the Bolsheviks, and ordered one of the most massive thefts of history when he ordered the confiscation of all the gold held by the serfs of the Imperium.


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