Shep outs himself as a CNN wannabe

The Washing-out Post reports with glee Shep’s use of the “lie” word directed at the Trump administration just because there’s another empty report that tries to make a Russia scandal where there is none.

Where is the investigation into Saudi lobbyists and Israel lobbyists and all kinds of influence efforts to affect legislation, administration decisions, and even judicial declarations from overseas and foreign institutions?

You want to look at attacks on U. S. national sovereignty? Go look at the treaties where people inside every successive administration handed power over our lives to decisions made in the United Nations buildings around the world.

Go look at the Ukrainians meddling in the 2016 elections to favor Hillary Cinton.

And what about meddling from inside the federal administration in the election process to favor one of the sides in the election, and since January to sabotage the president chosen by the electorate in a result that even the top-level leakers and meddlers Clapper, Brennan and their gang admit would not have been different?

I think they figure their own efforts to rig the tilt didn’t overcome a legitimate result.

All this to distract from the actual felonious crimes of the Obama and Clinton years as president and “Madame Secretary”.

And to distract from the fact that the Federal Reserve is a clueless, bumbling sham that will drag us all down into the crash they know is coming. They have their own bunkers built just in case.


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