Mueller is disqualified by law from being Special Prosecutor; JFK on secrets and security

Bill Otis at a “Crime and Consequences” blog lays out the plain-truth case:

Mueller is disqualified from investigating anything related to Comey because he has a very long personal and professional relationship with Comey.

The article only covers this narrow case, but opens up a can of worms for the entire political class in Washington D. C. and the other parasites in the Swamp. How many of them are Masons, and recognize the Masonry in their colleagues with their little signals, in their conversations and specifics of their body language? How many of them have reached the level where they swear an oath to cover up the crimes of their fellow Masons? Or worse, what about the other orders even more nefarious?

Or what about the snakes in the grass that John F. Kennedy warned about in more than one speech, including the “Secret Societies Speech”? Talking about obstruction of justice?

Who obstructed the justice investigation into the Clinton email national security crimes?

Another big lie from the Clinton campaign 2016 and Swamp Media is the “seventeen” intelligence agencies that purportedly surmised that the Russians “interfered” in the 2016 presidential election. Any security expert worth listening to will tell you that this is a bogus story, most especially in the effort to link it to the Trump campaign.

Which means that Comey, and now Mueller, and Rosenstein in his nominating a conflicted man, Mueller, to the office of Special Prosecutor.

Americans can now see even more that the imperial capital that rules over us is an enemy to the Common Man.

JFK blasted the idea of establishing a new Office of War Information. Obama did, of course calling it something else, just before leaving office, to fight against information that Deep State wants censored. But Obama’s move is not for national security, it is to control the minds of the people that is its legitimate boss. Like an accountant that lies to the CEO about company funds.


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