Comey-gate: another step in a coup e’etat

Did Comey investigate Jezebel Clinton’s email crimes like a real FBI director?

Did anybody on that panel yesterday ask Comey whether he thought Obama was obstructing justice when he said in an interview he was confident HRC would be cleared?

Did anybody ask how Jezebel knew in interviews, days before Comey’s surprise press conference, that she would not be charged?

Obama didn’t ask him to, but it’s a big leap to think Comey did right.

Did anybody ask Comey about his inept amateur bungling in the Email-gate criminal investigation?

And why:

He gifted FIVE immunity grants to potential witnesses against Jezebel in exchange for –NOTHING!

Agreed to only a partial review a part of the emails on one important HRC staffer’s laptop, and agreed to destroy the laptop afterward (so now nobody else can find anything that’s there). In exchange for –NOTHING AT ALL!

They never called a grand jury to decide on whether to bring criminal charges against Jezebel. THAT would be normal FBI procedure with so much strong evidence piled up of multiple crimes, if it were any other Joe or Jane Everyman.

Trump is right if reports are accurate that he is upset at House Republicans for their lackluster response to Comey’s self-serving Trump bashing testimony under oath, even revealing his own crime of leaking privileged information to the Press. (Sorry Judge Napolitano, sometimes you’re way too kind in evaluating these performances of political theater.) (JFK then, DJT now)

Pure speculation no, but think WHAT IF:

Comey kept his memos of all his conversations with Trump, not to cover himself against lies, but to see what he could get him on? In view of previous cover-ups of the Cintons’ crimes, including the email national security breach,

What if they thought their tricks and sticks would get Jezebel “elected” and crushing Trump’s shot at the elections would demoralize the ones who they considered their real enemies, the traditional, normal, American?

And Trump winning, in spite of dirty tricks like the now confirmed 6,000 non-citizens that actually cast ballots in elections in just one state (not counting the ones not caught), that moved them into Plan B, to hype and harp on the Russia thing to block Trump from keeping his promises.

Also, let me ponder. At some point they are going to use the Russian elections hacking cover, and this leak by Unreal Losers, the NSA girl, to call for treating the elections as a national security issue, that needs the help of the brilliant minds of NSA geeks to harden them against vote rigging.

Yeah, like we’re from the government and we’re here to help you. Thanks but NO THANKS.

This whole witch hunt against Trump is not against him per se. It is against him as a proxy against the electorate, that is, Forgotten Man.

What if they are sucking up the news cycle, and the loot they stole from us (taxes) against us, in a fake investigation? How many tax-extorted dollars are they using against the electorate in this Deep State operation to engineer a de facto coup, some call it a “soft coup”, against the Republic?

What if this is


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