Army of Goliaths gang up on consumer-friendly Brave browser

Newspapers are using the stinking copyright laws to blast away at the Brave browser.

Here’s an idea, guys: Go back to taking all that stuff in-house like you always did before the Internet, eh? Advertisers paid you directly. Oh, wait, cheaper to threaten lawsuits and sic the big bad big dog of government on them?

The ads and especially onerous lyrics the tracking malware they sneak into the browsers steal bandwidth by fraud. So too the text SMS ads that some bigger stores now pop up upon tour phone when you shop then leave a store if you have location flagged on.

Those newspapers are lying too, as are all the biggest content providers like Google, Facebook, Twitter, newspapers, in their push for “Net Neutrality”. That hidden tracking software they want to hide.

Consumers are obviously demanding a better solution. Brave is offering that solution. Content companies will fight this using the corruption inherent in copyright.

Cable companies made a business of charging customers for their content. Why not try It? By the way, some of you are already doing this, like WSJ and WP, and Netflix. People used to pay for newspaper copy.

Maybe you giants are afraid the people you constantly insult so much in your content will refuse to pay for YOUR content and will pay more for content that treats them with respect.


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