Speak up

Everybody in Mockingbird Network press-media is all a-blabber about whether Trump is going to tweet through Comey’s testimony to Congress.

All the lawyers who can offer an opinion say their advice is he shouldn’t tweet. Lawyers always want to control the narrative.

Me, I’m not so sure. If you’re being accused of something publicly, in fact massively publicly, you cannot let that stand, in my opinion. Lawyers are always thinking legally, how to manage something in a “court of law””, and their advice really is to filter everything through them. They hate it when somebody might say something that would have been against their advice.

But what lawyers sometimes forget, unless they are themselves one of the publicity hounds, or think they can get a career advantage, they would rather avoid the pesky media questions. Media persons, especially of the Insider Mockingbird power brokers, do not follow any kind of court decorum.

The problem for those lawyers and for Trump is that this whole witch hunt, covered up by a fake news campaign by Insider Power Media to overthrow the vote of the electorate, is being conducted in their official Mockingbird Networks, in Congress, in social media, and now in a special independent counsel that will be graded, by their peers, as all prosecutors are, on how many convictions they can get. (Unless they are overridden by higher-ranking Insider Power Brokers).

The counter to the witch hunt is a loose and unorganized group of Outsiders in a variety of venues who want to push back against the Insider Ruling Class which is building its international infrastructure for a future one-world government. They get expression in lots of little blogs, and some alternative independent media voices, like Breitbart, Infowars, Gateway Pundit, and some others. Personally I find the links at http://www.lewrockwell.com, Zero Hedge, David Stockman’s web site, http://www.libertarianchristians.com, and some related ones most enlightening, and historically relevant.

The Insider Ruling Class Media generally ignores them until they figure one of their tricks or crimes has exposure enough to merit driving a cover story.

The choice of the United States Electorate has forced them to expose themselves more clearly to the suspicious outsiders, the masses, the hoi polloi, the Forgotten Man, including to some who could not see it so clearly before.

Look at that! They’re all speaking with one voice! They all agree! The hoax they have perpetrated for so long has been busted wide open! They being the usual “approved” and “expert” journalism voices. Such synchronized choreography! You want to look around for the conductor of this dark demonic cacophonous Wagner concerto. Who is conducting this witch hunt? Where is the Wizard of Oz? Is there a curtain we can pull back?

So with the electorate having done the electorate thing, having failed to place their favorite war-hungry heir apparent into the White House, they have to resort to a new tactic. Just in case, they started laying some groundwork during the campaign. But when the results rolled in, they hit the gears into turbo-max.

It is said that Goebbels came up with the strategy for lies for his Fuhrer: Tell a lie loud enough, often enough, and long enough, and they will begin to believe it.


The difference between 1963 and now, is that there is the Internet, and there are lots of alternative news sites.

Even before the campaign ended, the Fake Media came up with this new idea. The “conspiracy theory” attack, invented by Deep State (most say the CIA) to counter the big holes exposed in the JFK killing cover-up, was not working anymore. Infowars got so much attention that it was coming up as a subject even in the controlled media discussions.

So they coined a new term for stories on web sites that they did not want told: “fake news”. The first use of the phrase was in the Clinton camp, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama both using it at first, then picked up by their “official-unofficial” media sources. Washington Post made a mess of itself publishing a list of “fake news” web sites, which got laughed out of town by even their allies! (Remember, Washington Post has been a Deep State and CIA organ ever since before Operation Mockingbird).

So like God said of Israel in Jeremiah’s times when they turned their back on God, he said he would turn their own weapons back on them. Such is the phrase “fake news” now.

God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

He that liveth by the sword shall die by the sword.



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