Compare and contrast, By their fruits ye shall know them

#1. Lenin, Stalin, Mao Tse Tung, Pol Pot, Kim Il Sung, Kim Il Un. What do these people have in common. (a) The most mass murdering state criminals in history. (b) They were heads of the most anti-religious atheist regimes in history (not counting pagans and hypocrites). #2. Martin Luther, St. Patrick, William Wilberforce, David Livingston, Underground Railroad members, Red Cross, Salvation Army, Mother Theresa… (a) The leaders in the drives to end Roman oppression, end slavery and promote literacy among the Irish, life’s mission to end slavery, life’s mission to help spread the word and healing in Africa and fight slavery, provide means of escape for slaves to freedom, save lives in emergencies, help the poorest in the land, share loving care to the dying poorest of the poor. (a) Bible-believing Christians We could add: #3. founders of modern science, #4. monks that saved the Greek and Roman classics and brought learning back to Europe, and founded the first universities for learning, #5. the monks that opened their homes to the sick and poor, and the lepers, institutions that became modern clinics and hospitals, #6. The 90 percent of the FOUNDING members of the Royal Society, the first association in history dedicated to the study of science.


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