Apostate clergy of Darwin’s day supported him, scientists opposed his “favored races” theory

You gave examples of scientists saying things that today we would call totally stupid. Irrelevant. AGAIN, my point was that your history lessons and mine were lies.

They buried the clergy connection to the pushing of Darwin’s initial reception, and scientists’ rejection of this retelling of an ancient pagan origins myth.

“Dolt”. Real scientific argument against the anthropic principle.

And yes, the stuff expanded faster than the universal speed limit according to the the Big Bang PRECISELY because the space it was in expanded. So what? That is still a contradiction. From even the point of view of the initial “center of the universe” it was all moving faster than the speed of light.

You do yourself disservice pretending you don’t understand what I meant by “cluster on its own”. Even the high priests of scientism you pay homage to have had to invent a reason for those galaxies to coalesce like they do. It’s a magical prop they call “dark matter”. I don’t know what physical phenomenon is at play there, but at least I am not bound by blind faith in blind dogmas whose purpose is to avoid admitting ignorance. THEY DO NOT KNOW WHAT THAT DARK MATTER IS, NO CLUE, SO THAT’S WHAT THEY CALL IT.

In fact 98 percent of the universe is made up of fantasy stuff that props up the only alternative they can make up to Genesis One.

And magic? How about abracadabra without a magician?

Superstitious Magic: The universe popped into existence without a cause.

Magic: With over a dozen independent physics constants in place, ready to go, all finely tuned, to sustain a universe that supports life on Earth, whereas if only one were off a minuscule fraction the whole structure would be totally impossible.

Magic: The weird properties of water that make life possible.

Magic: The peculiar properties of carbon (lacking with silicon) that make life possible.

Pasteur’s Magic: Complex life springing into being from nothing but sunlight, weather and rocks.

THE SIMPLEST POSSIBLE LIFE FORM REQUIRES 250 GENES, say biologists who have actually done repeatable tests on the matter. And that has to be all left-handed amino acids or all right-handed amino acids. Calculate the probability. That’s why mathematicians in a joint conference with biologists in the 1970s told biologists they had to come up with a better explanation than natural selection (including the calculations for such wild leaps of macro-evolution).

Pasteur? Ha. ALL LIFE IS COMPLEX. A digital code embedded like an interpreted symbolic programming language that has nothing to do with the functions coded for, translated by tRNA (TRANSFER [sic] DNA) to proteins for fine-tuned specific functions, handled line a symphony conductor by EPIGENETICS.

Just DNA requires ALL those pieces in place BEFORE anything like life can happen.

Just spontaneously happened?

Even Antony Flew had to finally admit it took too much blind faith to believe there was no Designer behind all this.


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