Why the surprise – COMEY is a Hillary cover-up agent

Fake news denies being fake news all day every day.

It backfired on them almost as soon as they coined the term to supposedly “debunk” the alternative news sites that are not beholden to Operation Mockingbird entanglements.

It was about the same time as that fake news Fake Dossier story popped up. Never mind that almost every story they come up with to support the theme for the day they are telling us, almost every time, it is exposed now sooner rather than later.

Like Comey asking for more money.

Somebody mentioned that the firing of Comey by surprise and while he was on the other side of the continent was not a mistake. It was self-preservation against a Fake Investigation witch hunt. Surprise so Comey couldn’t arrange counter-measures, like Obama did during the transition period, when he issued the intelligence directives to make it easier to share secrets among the Deep State departments, it was cover for the hiding of who does the leaks among multiplied numbers of people with eyes on them. And helps the parts to coordinate with their Dirty Tricks operatives.

Jerry Pournelle lists some of the TRUE FACTS about Comey:


Jerry Pournelle lists more TRUE FACTS about Comey:



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