Overdoing it is one way in How to Spot a Liar

Pamela Meyer lecture on Hot to Spot a Liar:

One of the ways is overdoing the emphasis too much:
Formal language denial and distancing language; for example, do you remember who said this:
“Not listen to me very carefully. I did not have sex with that woman, Miss Lewinsky.”

Also, she says, the innocently accused will more likely deny emphatically in sort of flashes, but the liar will more likely be angry throughout an interview or discussion.

Why, hello, that’s what we have in the Fading Media Internetwork, all indignant now about being accused using a term that they were the first to use. Somebody somewhere wrote some talking points about how Hillary Clinton lost the election of 2016, and from her mouth and from President Barry we began hearing about “fake news” stories that caused trouble.

Barry used the fake news about “fake news” to create an office in the federal behemoth bureaucracy to explore how to use “local media” to fight the scourge of “fake news”.

Of course by that they meant the kind of stories that started coming up in alternative news sources not encumbered by membership in the fading media and press of the Fake News Networks (FNN). In other words, “the rest of the story”.

Before, the Counter-Media, the real Opposition Media, had to publish in small-circulation magazines, and rare opportunities to show enough of the ideas on one of the three major networks to get ridiculed. An early Ron Paul appearance got him pummeled with ridicule and insult on one TV talk show because he advocated drug legalization.

But in the age of the Internet, Ron Paul gave his message as a presidential candidate, forcing it into the national conversation, and the following for the message of peace and liberty and free markets exploded, and the ruling class barely held it back.

It took years for the general public to become aware of details like JFK’s double head jerk, the magic appearance of the bullet, an autopsy full of generals, and a coffin swap. It took years for a court to finally declare that there had been a conspiracy by governments (local police, state authorities, federal government) to cover up suspicious details about the Martin Luther King murder and to declare James Earl Ray a patsy.

But it did not take that much time, historically speaking, for the TRUTH in the CONTENT of the wiki-leaks dump about the DNC conspiracy to cheat for Hillary to get around, including the content that showed a slur about former Governor Richardson that referenced him being “Latin”, that Team Hillary said Catholics should change their religion to accommodate things like abortion, and other messages that showed collusion to block Sanders.

Try a search playing off Chris Cuomo’s version of “I did not have sex with that woman” from when he said “fake news” was the worst thing you can call a journalist. The links are full of denial after denial that they are Fake News publishers, but now they’re always denials of Trump quotes. They are clueless that they are feeding Trump’s popularity with the public. In one survey, two-thirds of Americans believe the traditional media, legacy media, official propaganda media, is full of fake news. By which they mean of course the choice of stories to cover, which guests to interview, what questions to ask, and so on, are all tilted to manipulate audiences into their way of thinking. It’s more than just what would be a sort of subconscious bias that results from their views of things.

They deliberately omit talking about certain news items, for example. Throughout the occupation years in Iraq, the ethnic cleansing of Christians that resulted from the invasion and occupation of Iraq never made it to most media. They covered Obama’s immigration policy, undeclared, to slow-walk the granting of refugee status of Christians from the Middle East in favor of Muslims. In fact this is the discrimination against Christians that right now the Fake Media is pretending that Trump’s orders do to people from six Muslim-majority nations.

Yes, they deny being Fake News with all vehemence and repetition. But it has become so obvious they have come up with new slogans for themselves. NYT now wraps itself with the slogan “Because the Truth Matters”. Like their publishing reflects that? Boys can be girls, and girls can be boys? Really? After all those FAKE POLLS? And the dark news publisher Washington Post saying “The Truth Dies in Darkness”. The Washington Post is helping the New York Times bury it!

Jeff Bezos owns, runs Amazon and the Washington Post. Some poeple are going to start looking for an alternative to Amazon. That’s the all around cure though, because Deep State props up whoever it wants to with FAKE MONEY.

What appears to be a ray of sunlight is that a lot of states are passing bills that recognize gold and silver or metallic coin as legal tender, plus killing state taxes on the metals. Woo-hoo! So now some of us, some of “we the real people” will get to engage in commerce with honest money, independent of the FAKE MONEY from the Federal Reserve.

Be not deceived, God is not mocked. Whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap.

(But see Isaiah 1:18. It is not too late for most of you fakers to repent. Udo Ulfkotte did and he is still alive.)


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