New on Youtube: An idea for liberty and investment that just might work!

The more projects there are for freedom, the better.

There are other ideas, and Trevor Lyman to me sounds a lot like what some in Honduras had in mind with the Zonas Economicas de Dessarollo y Empleo (ZEDE) project.

There are quite a number of settlements of expats in many countries around the world. There are special economic zones where private investment is allowed and even encouraged by governments, with liberal tax rules (“liberal” in the classical sense). There are Free Zones in all kinds of poor countries anywhere.

Trevor Lyman, on a negotiated “liberty territory”:

Throughout history, when people have been oppressed by their governments, they have left their homes in search of a new land where they could live as they pleased. If it worked for them, maybe it can work for us.

Of course today there is no unclaimed land worth living on and no one wants to fight and kill for land (which wouldn’t work anyway), but we should be able to trade our way to a new Terrority, especially if we negotiate with a nation with a weak economy.

If a territory could be negotiated, would you want to live there? Would you be willing to move and build a new “nation” from scratch if it meant you could live without oppression?


If you are interested in this idea and would like to follow progress, please either subscribe to my YouTube channel or send me an email at lyman.trevor with the subject “Interested LT”


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