Regulation and innovation co-exist, but innovation better thrives without a straightjacket

The only reason that “history has shown that regulation and innovation can co-exist” is because there is no choice for any innovators, but history has also shown that regulation always strangles innovation. It’s more difficult to see the innovation that did NOT happen because of regulation, but you have enough real-life examples that it should be obvious to anybody who considers it even lightly.

Science thrived after the Reformation let loose some freedom of thinking, and began to release push back on authoritarianism. Can one really say that regulation results in better results than the generation of Isaac Newton, Francis Bacon, and the like? Considering the proliferation of regulations in the late 20th century, multiplying like rabbits into the 21st, can anybody make the case that innovation has multiplied in like manner?

Compare the phone monopoly of the 20th century, a national enforced regulation, with what happened when long distance and phone service were let loose. We got more innovation in a couple of decades than the 100 years previous.

Uber is continuing to innovate, as is Lyft, as is airbnb, and other like services, *-> except where governments and regulations, written with “help” from crony interests like taxi companies and hotel chains. Venture capital is going into new ideas for using the new communications infrastructure in like manner.

And make no mistake: any effort to regulate the Internet or the delivery of content with any mandate out of D. C. will only end up as regulation of the content of speech and press. It will start with some pleasant sounding euphemism like “net neutrality”. But let a Godzilla the size of the U. S. government get started with any idea with a label or justification that includes the word “fair” in it, will end up being used very unfairly.

Who decides, follow the money. “I’m from the government and I’m here to help you” is followed by “I need your ahem, contribution, ahem to help you”.


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