Easy to see fake news sometimes

Comey’s firing blares out in living color that there is a gargantuan effort going on to fabricate so many false narratives to block the Trump administration that it will sink into the body politic mind.

Like Trump saying that firing Comey would take the heat off a Russian investigation?

That’s utter baloney! That’s so stupid! Why would he think the heat would go away? Even NYT knows, with all this dangerous hate fest going on, they know there is no way below or above that Trump or anybody else would think it would take off the heat.

So it’s an obvious fake story right out of the gate. These anonymous sources are probably the same sources that made a story out of that stupid Dossier-Gate. The British spy and DNC opposition research agent that the FBI hired for $50,000 couldn’t even keep his narrative consistent enough to believe them.

After regurgitating all the fake intelligence story (WMDs in Iraq) that got us bogged down again after Vietnam (Gulf of Tonkin) into another quagmire in the Middle East, and regurgitating the false flag chemical attacks in Syria later exposed as being unleashed by “rebel” forces supported by the United States intelligence agencies, how much longer is everyone going to continue to believe them?



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