Jorge Ramos: You might not like Latinos taking over the country

Jorge Ramos lectured Tucker Carlson on immigration in one interview of the Univision anchor on Fox News, among other things saying it was moot anyway, because Latins are on the statistical trend lines of becoming the majority demographic in just a couple of decades.

Tucker Carlson was trying to stay on the topic of illegal immigration, while Jorge Ramos kept trying to make it about immigration as if Tucker was not talking about just illegals.

The topic of gangs did not come up except in Tucker’s examples of illegal immigrant Latins raping at 14-year old girl at a high school and a series of murders.

Even the hate-spitting so-called “Southern Poverty Law Center”, guilty of the most vile vitriol against decent Christians who just want to testify in public, defenders of burkas, even they have had to admit this Latino-black thing is a real thing:

The web page article on their site does not say much about black-on-Latin hits, except to mention a “rivalry” between the “Mexican Mafia” gang in prisons in California, and the “Black Guerrillas” gang.


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