If she runs again for president, will anybody be alive to vote for her?


If she runs again for president, will she leave anybody alive to vote for her?

Can somebody please run the actuarial tables on the chances of so many people dying around the Clintons, let alone the ones that spilled dirt on them before they got too famous to kill outright?

Say what you want, but how can so many people in Operation Mockingbird Media and Mockingbird Press say exactly the same things with only slight variations in synonyms and grammar?

And how can they NOT say anything at all, or so little, in unison, about events that have such a huge impact on everyone’s personal life? Or of huge significance?

Like the Audit the Fed bill just getting passed out of Committee in the House.
Ted Cruz missed the vote on the bill to audit the Fed and Trump made an issue of that in the campaign. We’ll see what happens with it as president.
Harry Reid had demanded an audit of the Fed his entire political career until 2011-2012, when he blocked a House bill from even being considered in the Senate.

Arizona’s legislature just having made gold and silver to be legal tender in the state, AND remove the capital gains tax on gold and silver. Ron Paul was able to advocate for this in testimony there.

The capital gains tax is a very sneaky trick by snakes and vipers to rob investors blind. The Fed lets inflation devalue the currency, prices and capital returns on investments go up while “purchasing power” in material terms per dollar declines, but the tax gets slapped on you in dollar terms as if you actually earned something.

So they rob you with the printing machine (“sprint” commands even) and then they rob you on the devaluation of the currency unit. Double trouble.

Here’s another example of the censorship part of Operation Mockingbird in the media they control. Remember the big Paris hit and the death metal band? Vocalist says the media distorts his comments and his views. He’s

Kissinger said once you’re not paranoid if they’re really out to get you.

The Left, financed by power-mad plutocrat billionaires around the world, driven by “hate minutes” against messengers of freedom and personal autonomy and symbols of them, by any means necessary, is really and truly out to get you if you are in their way. Or even protest their use of violence in paid thugs and in paid government operatives (judges, police, lawyers, legislators).


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