Witch-hunt timeline

According to the way Judge Napolitano is parsing the legal issues surrounding the Trump-Comey conversation, it seems that if Comey had thought Trump was engaging in “obstruction of justice”, then he had the obligation under DOJ rules to advise somebody.

Which means if there is anything to this new, probably another fake news story, then Comey broke protocol, again.

Napolitano approaches this with detailed legal analysis, as he does.

But let’s review.

The only reason the FBI began investigating the Hillary email-gate issues was because the ACLJ brought a FOIA lawsuit because the State Department was stonewalling on releasing official DOS emails relating to Hillary. FOIA legislation obligates the release of those emails.

The judge finally ordered State to give them up. They could not find them, so that’s when it was discovered that Hillary Clinton had used an unsafe external server. At that point, since the criminal mishandling most secret of secrets had apparently happened, the FBI had no choice but to investigate this.

From there, Comey is the one who committed –at best, to be charitable– gross negligence in the investigation.

First, they let Hillary and her lawyers review the emails on the server to decide which ones to turn over from their server and then attempt a complete wipe of the server with “BleachBit”.

Second, when they got to the deposition stage, Comey had to sign off on granting immunity for the testimony of five Clinton aides and advisers, in exchange for absolutely nothing! Have you ever heard of this?! The FBI?!

Then they asked for the laptop of one of the aides, and Comey agreed to the request to only look at some of the possible evidence, and then destroy the laptop after they reviewed it for evidence. Comey agreed to destroy a laptop possibly containing evidence. But we’ll now never know if there was evidence on it, will we?

Then came the time they had to interview the big fish, Hillary Clinton. They agreed that one of the possible evil-doers, an aide they had already interviewed as a witness, to be present as counsel.

Then after Loretta Lynch blew it by agreeing to meet privately with Bill Clinton, the husband of the main character in the investigation, for a half-hour. After the blowback from that meeting, she said she would accept any recommendation to prosecute or not prosecute from the FBI.

THAT should have gotten blowback, because she actually should have recused herself formally and literally. And it is not an FBI decision to make.

So Comey the blew it again in his very public national press conference in which he laid out the long list of crimes that Hillary Clinton had committed, and then exonerated her based on intent, a basis which is not found in the relevant statute. A low-rank seaman was sent to prison on MUCH less factual basis, and in which case he obviously had no intent. A picture for his girlfriend.

So what is the connection to the pay-for-play investigation into whether Hillary Clinton sold Department of State policy for “donations” to the “Clinton Foundation”?

It is rather obvious that some of the evidence for that investigation would have probably been among those emails. In keeping her emails outside government computers, she knew they would not be stored automatically as is required for state department communications and files in storage on them.

THAT investigation is supposedly still on-going, more quietly than the email investigation of 2016. I say supposedly, because the absence of leaks is very loud, compared to the 2016-2017 leaks on everything else.

People are sick of this kangaroo court pursuit of Trump. Obviously there are some very powerful people in media, intelligence agencies, Congress, in the courts, who are ever more obviously openly rebelling against the constitutional rules for elections and transition of power.


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