Best health care communication is patient and doctor

The best communication in health care is the conversation a doctor and a patient have without outside interference.

Biggest problem is government, because people in government (Congress AND the runaway bureaucracies) think they are put there to force all of their “best ideas” onto the rest of us, which too often happen to be what’s best for their own pockets and the pockets of their Big Pharma sponsors. And may the best connected win.

Time to realize that governments are the source of almost all the ills that we are told to get solutions for from government! The problems created by the Federal Reserve and Treasury Department and the welfare state are blamed on the free market!

Obamacare rules, not just about insurance, multiplied the number of diagnosis codes by five or ten to about 60,000. Did you hit the duck in the road or did it hit you? Gimme a break!

I can get better health care in Honduras (my wife’s country of birth) for less than we pay for a deductible here!


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