Russia meddling: Where’s the beef? And who’s looking for the criminal leakers in Fed-gov?

The Hill is reporting on a supposed flood of leaks after Comey’s firing:

To me, it’s much ado about little. Mockingbird Media is determined to keep saying the Trump administration is in chaos, and pick up every difference in how Trump staff sneezes to say there is a “crisis”.

It is Mockingbird Media in crisis every since they realized that their propaganda machine had failed to crown the heir apparent. They are trying to fix it.

Supposedly, so they say:

In the stories, Trump’s decision to fire Comey was described as the result of “festering anger” at the FBI director for failing to prioritize leaks coming out of the bureau over the investigation into allegations Trump campaign officials colluded with the Russians during last year’s presidential race.

What an upside down bit of insanity.

NOBODY has publicly shown ANY evidence of Russian tampering with the 2016 presidential election or ANY collusion with the Trump campaign with Russian intelligence, witting or unwitting. None.

In fact, Clapper, obviously no fan of Trump, said several times there was no evidence of collusion, or at least, he had not seen any. It there were any such thing, it seems Clapper would have seen it, especially after Obama ordered the entire intelligence apparatus of the Washington bureaucracy to go fishing for some.

Now is the time to start asking them for the evidence. Put up or shut up. What did Schiff say? He’s the head Democrat in the Intelligence Committee, after all. He said the same thing as Clapper.

This Operation Mockingbird operation is fizzling.

Now we need to demand they answer questions about unmasking, unconstitutional mass surveillance.

God is not the author of confusion.


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