LENR –Low Energy Nuclear Reactions

Further reading involving the efforts to replicate the results from Pons and Fleishman’s experiments did NOT refute those claims, as so widely misreported. Some labs got positive results, some mixed, others negative. Meaning to date no one knows what the exact conditions are to replicate it consistently.

Pons and Fleishman, I’m my opinion, did the announcement right, whether intentionally or not. The published all their data, their methods, their conditions, their materials, their years of work on it, all of it. The late (later brutally mudered) Eugene Mallove described all this in the book “Fire From Ice”.

The handling of the announcement by Press was to be expected. But the aftermath was lazy.

Eugene Mallove was working at MIT when their physics department announced that they had failed to find any results like the mislabeled “cold fusion” announcement. I don’t think Pons and Fleishman ever used the term.

After that announcement Eugene Mallove quit MIT in absolute disgust, because he was privy to the truth of those results, and in so many words called the one making the announcement a liar.

Eugene Mallove went on to write an open letter to the president pleading for more research funding for this promising area of clean energy study. Arthur City. Clarke also wrote to governments in the same spirit.

MIT and many of those universities, even the ones with labs that got promising reactions, get tens of billions of dollars for HOT Fusion research. There is where the real distortions are. Political research funding distorts the “science funding market”, diverting resources into places that reinforce the status quo, bolster conformity enforcement, and quash new and promising fields of study, in this case something that could make clean and bountiful energy possibly ubiquitous.

Eugene Mallove went on to create Infinite Energy Magazine (“http://www.infinite-energy.com“), and the New Energy Foundation” (NEF, “http://www.infinite-energy.com/whoarewe/donate.html“) which funds research into these promising areas of new physics, new energy.


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