“Artificial intelligence” is not consciousness!

Artificial intelligence is not self-awareness. A brilliant Turing machine that programmers code so successfully that it fools you into thinking it’s a peer with humans does not make it any more than a brilliantly successful perfect Turing machine. Now I find that somebody already got a successful Turing machine test.

A 5250 emulator is not one of those old great big daisy-chained terminals, it is simply programmed to look and work like one.

You can try to emulate human behavior and anthropomorphize it all you want, that does not make it a human, nor self-aware, nor conscious.

The NSA recently sent out a job posting for a developer to program an insect-sized drone to be able to avoid colliding with walls, go up stairwells, go into rooms, and all that, using also vision interpreting algorithms, and so on. AUTONOMOUSLY. I’d say the most urgent ethical mission for tech leaders is to try to put the kibosh on killing machines. Those are the ones that can go berserk.

But berserk is also the attempt to assign human-equal autonomy to them. Robots. are. not. human. -even if they fool you. Go ahead, shut it down already!

By the way, apes are also not humans, neither are they even humanoid. They do a lot of things humans do. So what? Worms eat and try to stay alive too. Those are also human traits, but nobody is thinking they’re conscious.

This may be a problem of thinking man descended from molecules. We are NOT clockwork. Scientists that study it for a living admit they do not understand the essence of consciousness at all. A few arrogant outliers try to say they do but they’re not convincing. The brain is qualitatively different from ours. Parrots talk a lot, just like politicians, and you cannot be blamed for thinking parrot intelligence rivals your congressman’s. But believe it or not, a Congressman is a human and a parrot is not.

Ill close this with a disclaimer about parrots. My wife’s family in younger years had a parrot that she swears talked on an adult level. They rescued her from the side of the road, the parrot squawking for “Rosie”. One of them: “I’ll take care of you”. Parrot: “No, I want Rosie! Rosie!” Later, upon seeing a cat it would say “Who let that (bleep) in?”

She loved that movie Paulie. Me too.

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