Net neutrality rules

The Establishment Press is reporting on ” The internet industry, which considers net neutrality essential for its business”, but this is not exactly right.

By “the Internet Industry” they mean the big Internet left-politically favored giants like Google, Netflix, Facebook, Yahoo, and so on. It’s not neutral. It favors those guys over the broadband delivery industry in the rules-making.

There is no way to let the free market decide on that one, and if the control freaks of the past administration thought they had to make a rule, that sounds like the Content Industry lobby won out in the back rooms of the FDA –or maybe Congress– over the ISPs (Internet Service Providers).

We are all used to it like we are the utility services like electric power, telephone, water and sewer services –although the landline telephone services seem optional now days. Monopolies have a way of cracking.

Cable television companies see the future coming and they don’t like it. Things are going to move to the Internet. Most cable companies no doubt now provide broadband over their infrastructure.

Eventually monopolies will crack, if they are left to contend with the free market. AT&T lost its iron grip on long distance because new technology opened the door for competitors to see a breach in their arguments and used the courts to force the door open. A free market probably would have made it all happen a lot sooner.

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