Ann Coulter calls Berkeley bluff

UC Berkeley chiefs have showed their true colors and their support for the violent leftist rioters, vandalizers, and beaters of women, like the ones who showed up in masks to disrupt Milo’s talk recently.

The story is here on The Washington Post:

They kept slapping one condition and then another on Ann Coulter’s talk, but she accepted all their conditions, so they finally did what they wanted to do in the first place and ban her from speaking.

So Ann Coulter called their bluff again and announced that she was coming as scheduled. So the mini-dictators backed down and gave her some more conditions, and a later date. She has said she’s showing up as originally scheduled. After all, they should have made the same arrangements as what their capitulation involves.

What happened here?

You gotta hand Ann that she has some guts that some men do not have.

Berkeley totally blew it with Milo. Now they have to put up as defenders of unpopular free speech (unpopular with their tenured college professors), or shut up and back off.

Coulter is an example of someone who does not back off. I disagree with some of her pronouncements but in general defends her ideas and exposes the language police at the same time. And those who dissent from SJW thought police feel a bit of glee when they see her stand her ground in interviews and talks.

The university honchos may be thinking about a big lawsuit that will back them off trying to censor free speech. They are getting zillions of extorted tax money stolen by the tax man, and lots of federal moneys transferred by way of student loans. The whole 326 million of us are paying through loan guarantees and some defaults for these institutions to teach the new generation that the culture is wrong that incubated the most prosperous economy in the world, and in times past one of those that allowed the most individual freedoms.

GOd is not mocked, whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.

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