Nancy Pelosi’s Husband Snared In SunEdison Stock Scandal

To make this even more of a kleptocrat privilege story…

Martha Stewart did NOT go to prison for Insider Trading!

The prosecutor thought he had a big fish name for his lawyerly resume, but he NEVER found ANY evidence against her for insider trading. So he did what they sometimes do in such a bind. He had cornered himself. Martha Stewart and her investment adviser were both saying the same thing.

So he finally brought Martha Stewart in for “questioning”. He grilled her ferociously for an entire week, all day every day, until finally he got her to utter something a bit inconsistent with something said previously. Bam! The charge became “obstruction” of an investigation.

Maybe the 5th would have helped her, I don’t know. So tell that to all those gullible naive potential victims of Prosecutor Abuse when they say they have nothing to hide.

Nothing to hide? So why do you close your curtains or your blinds? Why do you do it in your bedroom? Why not do it in the road?

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