House Intelligence Chairman Nunes stepping aside in Russia Probe

Paul Ryan says he supports this decision, even though he has Ryan’s “full trust”.

This is a bad decision. Neither Obama nor Susan Rice nor Loretta Lynch ever made such a decision. Loretta Lynch said only she would accept whatever Jim Comey’s decision was on the prosecution of Hillary Clinton, but she did not recuse herself before the meeting on the tarmac with Bill Clinton.

Everybody who is a target of the plutocratic oligarchy that forces the rest of us to live (for now) under their oppressive and suffocating regime, whose enforcers act under cover of shrill SJW shouting, should follow Vox Day’s advice from his book “SJWs Always Lie: Taking Down the Thought Police”. He suggested that their targets never, ever, never, back down, never apologize, never admit wrong, because they will never let up.

Those are the new rules of the game.

That’s why the Freedom Caucus should know: they are the backbone of The Real Resistance against mindless parrots in human skin, the real backbone of American Resistance against the coming Globalist Dictatorship, the Beast Dictatorship.

Their Brownshirts are calling themselves the Resistance, but they are the ones demanding Subservience.


Have you seen these signs that say, Think Globally and Act Locally? Forget that. That’s collective groupthink.

Here you go: Think Freedom, Act Locally. Act everywhere. Ring your own bells of freedom.


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