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A different approach today. Comments on events in summary view as seen this morning, Monday, April 3, 2017.


One might say I am of two minds on the election in Ecuador, although not double-minded.

Socialist Rafael Correa’s hand-picked successor Lenin Moreno, was declared the winner by officials after 94 percent of the results were counted, with 51.12% of the votes. Exit polls had given Guillermo Lasso the win and BBC reports he had already begun celebrating. Lasso has demanded a recount and called for demonstrations of support.

I say two minds because socialism is a colossal burden on the body politic and has restrained economic growth in Ecuador, while I cheered Correa’s decision to give Wiki-leak’s Julian Assange refuge in the Embassy in London. Assange has allowed a bit of transparency into the dark and dubious decisions made in deep dungeons of secrecy by the political class that rules over the rest of us. Lasso had promised to ask Julian Assange to leave the embassy within 30 days.

Assange, with an eye on the official results, has invited Lasso to leave the country within 30 days.


Norte de Ciudad Juarez announced the next print edition would be its last, and the digital edition would close soon, after one of its reporters was shot dead in Tijuana. Miroslava Breach “reported extensively” on links between organized crime and politicians in Chihuahua state.

Governments and police are no guarantee of safety. Even without the factor that government is by definition based on unequal-opportunity theft (aka tax extortion), having a government is an invitation to corruption under its own terms, because the enforcers have something extra to sell: selling out the rest of us.

They have faded from the news now, but guess who has been much more effective against the cartels in Mexico than all the local governments and the federales combined? The spontaneous local groups known as “Auto-defensa”.

These local spontaneous militia rose up in towns that got sick and tired of seeing their relatives and friends get killed at the hands of cartels like the self-called “Knights Templar” organization and others, with the mayors and politicians collaborating with the killers. So they started rounding up and arresting the cartel killers that everyone knew were guilty, and they continued with the mayor. In some cases they had to face gun battles with these subjects.

The background and foreground is documented in the film “Cartel Land”. I was surprised to read that the film got an award at the “2015 Sundance Film Festival”, since most of their awarded films go to leftist causes, and this film showcases the battle of common folks against the violent drug traffickers. Their interviews with civilian-militia-type groups on the U.S. side of the border is strikingly neutral and the points of view of Tim Foley, leader of Arizona Border Recon”, and Dr. Jose Mireles, do justice to the way they and their team members see themselves, as defenders of the innocent. This is striking because the gringo-side volunteer border patrols are more often spun as racists and anti-Latin, despite having numbers of enthusiastic Latins in their ranks.


The BBC noticed back in December 2015 the tide turning against the leftists in Latin America. Lenin’s plan is showing cracks.

Leftists won popular elections in the first decade of the century in Venezuela, Ecuador, Bolivia, Brazil, and Argentina.

I have been a sort of “news junkie” all my adult life, pretty much. I was a missionary in Latin America during many years, have been married to two Latinas, including my wife now from Honduras.

So from my vantage point, it appears to me that Honduras began the blowback against socialist populism in 2009, when their Attorney General, Supreme Court, and Congress blocked the planned auto-coup by president Manuel Zelaya, and his plans to install himself president-for-life, using a phony referendum for propaganda cover.

The Attorney General brought suit against him several times and won successive orders against the president’s plans, and finally succeeded in getting an arrest order from the Supreme Court. He was arrested on the day of his planned and banned “survey”, for which the results were already pre-counted in a later discovery of a secret office.

He was flown to Costa Rica where he paraded himself out to the press in pajamas, in a bit of street theater claiming that the arresting officers had not even allowed him to get dressed. “Street theater” because neighbors later reported seeing him marched to the police vehicles in his full dress suit. This guy flew in to Costa Rica decently dressed and changed into pajamas for drama.

The international press and global political class was immediately fooled into denouncing this as a “coup”, thereby declaring themselves clueless and ignorant of the true situation there, and demonstrating that they did not care what the facts were and cared even less about what the Honduran people actually thought, and even less than that about the effect on the people and country of Honduras.

So Honduras pushed back and defied the entire clueless world. Hillary Clinton made a personal call to interim (and constitutional) president Micheletti to demand his resignation (I sometimes say she ordered him to resign). His answer was several times no. She finally made a veiled bribery offer, because in his interview with Gretchen Carlson he shared that she asked him “What would it take” to get him to resign and presumably let Zelaya back in power –not his call to say anyway. His answer was “Only an invasion”.

Finally a deal was negotiated. After signing off on the deal, even though he had before asked the Americans to invade and restore him to the presidency, Zelaya complained that the gringos made him sign it by threatening his son with arrest in the United States for drug trafficking. (They are “known” in Honduras circles as doing just that).

Meantime, the mayor of Caracas pined for an import of “huevos” from Honduras.

An ex-president of Guatemala after the election in 2009, suggested sharing a common foreign policy with Honduras.

El Salvador’s leftist president, of the party of ex-guerrillas there, announced that the country would back away from joining Chavez’ oil club, which discounted oil prices for fellow socialist countries.

Lobo invited all the various sectors of Honduran life, economic, political, social, to contribute ideas for a poverty exit. One of my suggestions, presumably parlayed by an intermediary who was invited to represent one of the sectors in conferences, was to study the policies of nations around the world that had been successful. Not long after that, there were conferences of businessmen from Columbia and Chile, commissions visiting South Korea, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other places. Maybe that was partially my doing, though surely much bigger names contributed to the same effect.

Leftists have lost in Argentina and in Brazil now.


Then the advance of leftists in Latin America seemed to halt after 2009, even while clueless students in America get further indoctrination in government-financed elite and not-so-elite universities.

Maybe the pivot started earlier with Uribe’s administration demolishing the FARC in Columbia, so wildly popular, unquestionably, for his success, that they changed the constitution to get him re-elected twice. His successor Santos, though, with FARC reduced to almost nothing, apparently wanted the historical credit for peace, in my opinion, so he negotiated an agreement with the remnants of FARC, with terms that guaranteed them seats in the Legislature and other power shares, something no one else gets, with good reason.

Uribe denounced it, led the “No” campaign, and the referendum was defeated.

All FARC has to do for peace is to announce that all its members will claim the benefit of the “amnesty” plan, in place since the last century, which would transition them to civilian life peacefully without facing charges for their crimes. This is a much better deal than the “Auto-defensas” got, civilian groups that defended life and property from guerrilla thefts and murders.


What do people do of groups that are deeply embedded in government offices, aka Deep State, when someone (aka independent Alternate Media) puts on display their dirty tricks against the people they rule and the collusion therewith of their associates in their propaganda arms, aka “mainstream media”, aka “Operation Mockingbird Press”?

What does this subversive group with its choke-hold on power do when even dark characters in the “intelligence agencies”, their fellow partisans in its controlled press and media organs, and power-hungry politicians, are exposed as seeking the same ends subversive to constitutional order?

Well, what else? Put it together with another major operation you have going, and blame the Russians!

They seem to have lost so much control of the conversation in cyber-space that they don’t even mind that it is so obvious they are coordinating. They are trying to drive the rage of their gullible duped victims so fired up as to prevent them from adjusting to the blinding light of reality, while they pour even more memes into the indoctrination of the youth so as to break them from traditional views of everything.

Distract them with divisions. Create a civil war scenario. There is already a battle for minds raging. The rulers and drivers of these global socialists know that the financial regime is going to break at some point soon enough. So they are pondering, as we speak, whether and when to unleash Yellin on the dollar. They’ve been planning for a breakdown of social order for awhile, and a quick rise of interest rates would crush the dollar, which is already failing. Another round of Too Big To Fail, except now they have laws to quietly prop them up.



They do not exist. Or the reporting is mutilated. These people who hated Dick Cheney and Carl Rove so much are now driving the same narrative that they pushed against the ones who actually expose their dirty work.

If you want to see the way the biggest corporations get away with what the anti-capitalist left denounces, you cannot get the scoop from the anti-capitalist left. The very best place to get the analyses of how they get away with their dirty tricks and their lobbying and how that works is from sources like, and, and other sites where the anarcho-capitalist branch of libertarians share their insights.

These Deep State mouthpieces eagerly picked up on the content of leaks from their insiders to try to cripple Trump’s administration, but they blacked out the content of the leaks published at wiki-leaks, and instead tried to use them to invent a fake conspiracy between Russia and Trump. Who’s wearing the tin foil hats now?

“The Burning Platform” is reporting that the cybersecurity firm Crowdstrike hired by the DNC that blamed the DNC leaks on Russia, is now backing away from their claims.

From my view, maybe they were getting laughed out of the market by real and honest security consulting firms.

Google Umbrage and Marble from the wikileaks dump from Vault 7 to find out how anti-Trump moles deep in Foggy Bottom have worked to try to make Russia the culprit.


Goebbels was Hitler’s propaganda man. The Russia theme has already been long demolished as a big fat lie. But why does Operation Mockingbird Media keeps driving at it, in collusion with leaders of the party that lost the last election in the USA, and the film propaganda sector?

They are following an old trick. From “War Propaganda”, volume 1, chapter 6, of Mein Kampf (1925):

The most brilliant propagandist technique will yield no success unless one fundamental principle is borne in mind constantly and with unflagging attention. It must confine itself to a few points and repeat them over and over. Here, as so often in this world, persistence is the first and most important requirement for success.

The common variation is “Tell a lie big enough, loud enough, and often enough, people will start to believe it”. Also, if you’re going to tell a lie, tell a big one, because people are more likely to believe it.

But there is another quote attributed apparently to Goebbels, which would show that he probably knew that the lies he pushed would eventually be outed, but that presumably he also figured would not matter much by then: “There will come a day, when all the lies will collapse under their own weight, and truth will again triumph.”


The news is still unfolding but as far as I can tell, here it is.

The legislature in Paraguay voted to propose a referendum to amend their constitution to remove the one-term limit on presidential elections. Protestors are calling this a “coup”, which is a way to change the meaning of the word. This was one of the despised points of leftist president Manuel Zelaya’s plans in Honduras, but the removal of the re-election ban was actually known to be a cover for his plans to stay in office for the rest of his life and become a strong-man ruler.

Honduras has now had a reelection of a popular president, Juan Orlando Hernandez, after amending their constitution in the proper manner.

Not so long agone, Paraguay had an election in which a leftist became president, but he was impeached after a few months of doing what a leftist does, without regard to constraints.

Like Hayek showed in his book, “Socialism: The Road to Serfdom”, socialism tends to concentrate power in few hands.


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