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There they go again. In reporting on 4chan’s punking of Shia LaBeouf, they repeat some more spun lies.

One example, the phrase: ” misogyny of Gamergate”. That is a lie, because it was more like a blowback against the man-hating thinking that the thought crime police are trying to push. It all started when a girl took exception to a spontaneous joke shared by two men out loud at a conference, and shamed them in a tweet that went viral. Which got them fired. The low-key tone of the original joking, one shared by many women everywhere, by the way, then provoked the backlash against destroying the career of those two guys by the tweet, and eventually got the busybody fired from her job.

Hey guys and gals! How about let’s make peace not war? And there goes Washington Post trying to break up the sexes and divide them against each other. Why? It’s because history shows that family and culture binds people together much more naturally and more easily than sex identifiers. Women love their sons and their husbands, and cannot identify them as enemies. Men love their mothers and their wives and their daughters, and almost all of us hate wife-beaters.

So, they have to repeat repeat repeat like all big lies. They have to constantly throw “neo-Nazis” into a list with Trump supporters that fight their left-fascist themes.

IT takes them hundreds of words before they get to admitting that the swastikas on ONE web site is a spoof against the wildly promiscuous use of the Nazi accusations. And they admit that a Chinese American says the ones accused of being “white supremacist” are not that at all, though maybe ONE or TWO might spoof the term. Fake news sites like Washington Post treats the spoofs as a real thing, exposing them as getting fake news and real news totally backwards.

By the way, “swatting” has nothing to do with anti-Trumpers, and leftist tools have used it too, and anti-Trump sources denounce it more effectively than the leftists and the Mockingbird Press like W. P. who are very quiet about the Hillary campaign operation to cause violence at Trump campaign rallies, and the Black Bloc rioters burning buildings and beating up on hated speakers in colleges.


The Mirror reported a user’s story about a Southwest Airlines employee who took a mother with her screaming baby to the back of the plane and blew bubbles to help quiet the infant, and gave tissues to the crying mother.

Children are going to by your future rulers, more so when you’re aged. Let’s rally round them.


Polls as reported in most media hold little credence for me. In some seasons they are so obviously off-kilter (wrong) in some political bias that makes them untrustworthy.

But IBD reports poll numbers for Trump going negative. Like a few percentage points added to independent voters who do not believe the Obama administration surveilled Trump team. This is apparently a manifestation of the adage that if one tells a lie often enough it starts to penetrate belief.

That’s another reason opinion polls are useless. They reflect the reporting on people and issues. Better to uncover truth.


Everwith the deceitful sympathy with “workers” without proper context, it’s interesting how Big Press can miss the big picture.

Now comes a hit piece against Uber because it’s using psychological techniques that all of industry and all of advertising agencies and all of propaganda organs like the New York Times uses, to maximize its profit margins. By the way, government players also do this with the ultimate unfair advantage that government players can force you to do things their way and give them whatever they demand.

Uber is “manipulating” its drivers with psychological tricks, says the NYT. Well, look at that. The NYT write is also “manipulating” its readers with psychological tricks, except NYT is being hypocritical about it.

What they don’t mention explicitly is that Uber drivers DO NOT HAVE TO be Uber drivers and they can look for other work that is more worth their while if they so choose. My son tried Uber for one trip and quit.

What they also do NOT mention is that these drivers are FROZEN OUT of being taxi drivers, the alternative to ride-connecting services like Uber, because city governments force onerous permit regimes on their owners, which then co-opt taxi owners into protecting this scheme against cheaper and more convenient transportation services.

“Noncash rewards of little value” is a nonsensical phrase. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and not every treasury can be measured in dollars.

I do think that there is a niche here for somebody to invest in simply connecting riders and drivers more along the lines of E-Bay. Reputation points build up, and the first buyers with a new seller is buying at his own risk, but after a thousand sales to a thousand different people, feedback counts more, and buying is safer.

A web site that actually lets drivers and riders bid for each other when someone needs the ride would be a very open market, and might overtake Uber pretty quick. If I understand correctly, Uber calculates the price for a ride request, the driver has to take it at that price. A really free market finds its way, that is, if it is left for users to determine the price point neither riders nor drivers could have grounds for complaint.

[EDIT: After writing this I came across a story about
this new thing that calls itself “Casual Carpool”:
I told you there was another niche here…


Victor Orban, leader now in Hungary, has denounced George Soros, who has funded subversive regimes all around the world, with political “philanthropy” fronts that seem to always generate great deals for Soros’ investments when they succeed in overthrowing governments.

Hungary has a new proposal presented as “tightening regulations on foreign universities”, according to Bloomberg. I don’t know the bill, except it has the right enemies.

Bloomberg also says Orban has “pledged to eradicate liberal democracy in the European Union member state”. By this he means Orban rejects plans by outsider elites to increase their control over the Hungarian population by increasing their control over the rules by which Hungarians live by, along with the rest of the European Union. Hungarians have rejected their plans by electing Orban to office.


This is a battle between two bad guys, DOJ vs. Google. Above the paywall cut-off, the WSJ mentioned “a landmark court ruling last year declaring private online communications stored overseas off limits to prosecutors-even if there’s probably cause some of the data may contain evidence of a crime”. Good.

So it’s out. Burger King once upon a time researched cloud services for storing data, and decided against Google’s offer precisely because they could not guarantee that none of the data would be stored on servers outside the territorial limits of the United States.


There you go. The dollar dump in slow motion, next step on the road.


Maybe the Vince Foster story got new wind somewhere, or somebody is trying to preempt exposure of truth for a new Clinton run, because there was a fake news story circulating that Trey Gowdy had ordered the exhumation of the body of Vince Foster in a new investigation into his death.

Set up a straw man, knock it down. Vince Foster’s death and the investigation of it as reported publicly that concluded suicide had all kinds of holes that added up mathematically to “cover-up”.

The story is illogical on its face because even the ones who know of the cover-up evidence and the facts that suggest motives, all agree with the official report that he died from bullet wounds. An autopsy is not necessary for this. I think it’s also maybe an attempt to smear Gowdy.

More, including a long detailed list comparing the OJ Simpson murders and the Vince Foster case, which appeared in Paul Harvey’s opinion column in many newspapers (of “The Rest of the Story”), at…:


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