Peaceful Blows against the Empire: MD’s refusing to do abortions in Italy

Here’s the Breitbart article reporting:

The UN says Italy is naughty because there are so many doctors who refuse to do abortions.

That’s the Real Resistance.

The ones marching for Deep State are false flag resistors. They’re not resisting Trump, in other words, or fascism, or tyranny or any such thing. They are resisting the American manifestation of the world-wide Resistance against the Global Dictatorship somebody is trying to force us into. Even many atheists will oppose this when the goats separate out from the sheep. It looks like they’ll be coming up soon enough with their top man, their star of the show, the one Christians know of as the Antichrist.

So the UN is putting a naughty mark on Italy’s record for not pushing more doctors into ending a baby’s life in the womb.

Who said globalization was a democratic process anyway. It won’t be all that long before they will have to take off the sheepskin and the sheep mask, show their canines, and declare themselves the rulers. It’s already kind of obvious and overt more than ever.

According to some recent Christian interpretations of prophecies in including the list from Ezekiel of countries that invade Israel with Gog and Magog, some countries in Europe may be in on the invasion. First though it looks like they’re moving into a stage of anger with the USA, the only world power that impedes the ascendancy of the Beast.


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