Burning Man Blog, Trump, Asimov, Foundation and Empire, Trump, and the One that Did Change History

As a youth I was greatly into reading science fiction books, with a sideline of science. Then this article came across my eyes, with lots of reference to the Foundation series trilogy by Isaac Asimov:


The author brings his own perspective to the ideas Asimov put into the book, and quotes Asimov as saying the idea sprung forth from thoughts about the Roman Empire, after reading Gibbons’ “Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire”.

Historical perspective helps in understanding of history. The Pharisees, Jesus said, could tell when it was going to rain, but could not discern the “signs of the times”. The signs matter a lot. In this warning to the Pharisees, it was a matter of life and death, a great many deaths not so long thereafter.

The author shows some discernment into the signs, apparently based on ideas found in the book “The Fourth Turning”, and overlays ideas from the Foundation series to see where Trump might fit in to all this. Or not fit in.

Asimov proposed in this book a science of “psychohistory” could predict social and political events over great numbers of humans, like the quintillions galaxy-wide in the book.

The author, identified as “admin” on the web page, seems to think that one individual could not change the course of history. Asimov does it in the second of the Foundation series by throwing a mind control mutant in to the mix, the “Mule”.

But one man DID change the course of human history in the real world, and that man was Jesus Christ. In areas dominated by Christ’s influence and net results have followed. Abominations like gladiator sports, baby sacrifice, human sacrifice, have faded, while good things like clinics, orphanages, science, education, and increasing individual freedom (albeit in jumps and starts), have appeared on the scene and grown.

I disagree totally with the “Foundation” notion that a secret cabal of social engineers and manipulators could maintain the altruistic empathy with human civilization (as Asimov was able to live it) and humans therein, over the course of history, as described in the series. In the trilogy they are only presented as benevolent, tweaking one mind here, another there, stopping the rule of the “Mule”.

Give Asimov credit though, for he must have had more cogitations about purely-motivated elites. In a later sequel, he describes political infighting among these guiding elites, and jockeying for position, jealousies, and they are shown as just as human as anybody.

Too bad he couldn’t connect the spiritual dots though. There is in fact a guiding light that has helped humanity in its progression through history to this day, and of course that is divine guidance acting through those who accept the guidance.

Jesus Christ was the one man who changed history in ways no science fiction author has captured. Even the socialist elites like Soros have had to cover their stealth conquest with a cloak of Christian-like charity works. They must point for justification to the crumbs they permit the poor and their subjects (the rest of us) to keep after their direct looting and indirect looting (currency control). Meantime population control operations continue apace, parallel to population reduction operations.


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