Why Dems protest Nunes revelations

Dems in Congress are squealing about Nunes sharing the information he received that Trump’s team, and the tower, was indeed the subject of “wiretapping”, which is understood as eavesdropping by government officials.

It occurred to me that their problem is that they were doing fine with the leaks, and even with Comey announcing to Congress that the FBI is investigating whether or not Trump campaign members “colluded” with Russian agents.

Republicans should be laughing their heads off at this. Instead the congressmen-R strategy is more low-key, maybe because they are taking Schumer’s advice to tread carefully around insulting the Intelligence agencies. If they had backbone they would speak frankly.

On speaking frankly, when Senator Joe Biden asked Supreme Court nominee Antonio Scalia about some concerns the Congressmen had, Scalia replied that there was only one concern he and his colleagues had, and that was their own re-election.

Not really funny. FBI Director Comey just admitted to Congress and to the American public that they are on a fishing expedition. All the leaders in intelligence sources that can speak openly now like Clapper and others, are saying that they saw absolutely no evidence of such “collusion”.

So what we have here really is evidence of real collusion, albeit possibly by “unspoken agreement” as it’s called sometimes, to block the actions of a president properly chosen by the electorate.

Whispers in bedchambers shouted from roof tops. Bedchambers to broadcast. “Nothing secret that shall not be revealed”.

“The eyes of the Lord are in every place beholding the evil and the good.”-KJB. Reap and sow.


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