Kill Ryancare aka Obamacare Lite

This bill Paul Ryan has put up does not repeal Obamacare.

It seems people who have studied this bill say it does not bring down premiums. Oh, and it does not open up a national market for insurance. HSA’s are as limited as always and has a list of what it won’t pay for like it used to.

Kill the bill! Kill the bill!

If it doesn’t bring down premiums, and that would suggest it does not bring down deductibles either, then this bill could be called the “Insurance Company Bailout Bill” paid for by people who pay the premiums. It still has some mandatory coverage provisions, like pre-existing conditions (Fail!) and the requirement that insurance covers kids up to 26 years old, are kept around like stinky rotting socks your strange uncle don’t want to get rid of.

There is a deceitful complaint that it helps healthy and high-income subscribers, but that only is a return to more realistic market pricing, and it actually saves the Obamacare carry-over from imploding and annihilating itself.

The “entrenchment” of this thing as they call it is only because the Congressmen are afraid of people who are cut off from freebie programs, or from the market.

This bill keeps a lot of the abominations that Americans have suffered under for all these years, enough already!:

AHCA keeps many of the popular health insurance reforms from Obamacare. This includes a ban on annual and lifetime limits, allowing kids to stay on their parents’ plans until they’re 26, and requiring insurance plans to offer coverage to all patients regardless of how sick they are. But AHCA, unlike Obamacare, does not mandate that all Americans be covered by health insurance or pay a fee.

Sow socialism, reap poverty. Grow socialism, reap serfdom.


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