If they pass Ryancare both parties will share the blame

Paul Ryan should have handed it off to Rand Paul.

You cannot forget: Americans have SUFFERED under OBAMACARE all these years, and that hustling scam artist put the worst of the thing off to the year after he would leave office.

Meaning Obama’s guy Gruber designed this abomination to fail, but to give the insurance companies some good profit along the way, at YOUR expense and mine.

No, Dems still get the blame for this time bomb. If Congress passes this Ryancare then Republicans will share all the blame together with the Democrats for the SAME things.

Rand Paul’s plan is way out ahead of all of them.

The lying excuse for Obamacare was oh boo hoo so many without insurance. Gruber did not care one flip about any uninsured. This was all about moving it closer to a completely fascist/socialist program and then nationalizing the thing.

Also it would prove tea party right (Sanders too although he rushed to join the Jezebel gang). At least the ones that said there was only a one-party Establishment with two faces.

Some points based on Rand Paul’s proposals:

(1) Open the markets across state lines we already do with auto insurance! What a concept! A national market instead of insurance companies dividing up state turf like Mafia families going wink wink at each other. (2) HSA’s on steroids, with the HSA contributions carrying over year to year. (3) Kill the mandates that make this snake vomit so expensive. (4) Be honest. Tell the truth. Keep your promise to your voters. (5) From #4, make the first line of any bill, “The so-called Affordable Care Act”, aka Obamacare, is hereby completely and irrevocably repealed and ALL of its sections, clauses, and paragraphs hereby nullified. Government agencies, insurance companies and state legislatures will have (six?) months to complete the necessary adjustments to reflect this complete repeal. (6) To reverse this complete repeal will require three-fourths of the votes in each house of Congress. [Sticks stacks no take backs]. Better yet, make that a bill in and of itself.

Then you can work on nationalizing this market and then killing the government mandates. Call your reps and your senators and demand Rand Paul’s proposal NOW.

Tell your Republicans that if they pass this, Trump will get a mark for breaking his promise number one. Because replacing an apple with a worm in it with another apple with another worm in it gets you no points at all.

Change the nameplate on the outhouse and it still stinks just as bad.


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