Bible contradicts the unbeliever

The problem some people have with the Bible is not that it contradicts itself but that it contradicts them. They throw out the way they usually read a collection of such books. Instead of seeing it with objective eyes that find the high-level patterns down in the detail, they notice the differences in nuance and gladly reject the admonitions therein that expose their lack of love for their neighbors. They see the differences in the leaves and conclude that there is no way they share a tree.

To resolve the moral implications of this behavior, some salve their conscience by demanding charity for the poor, but making OTHER people pay for the charity. Robin Hood robbing from the innocent to give to the guilty while telling the innocent to wait for the ungodly pie in the sky.

That’s not enough for some. They have to write stories with fake Christians preaching fake Bible lessons like loot your neighbor and shoot your neighbor That’s prohibited by the two greatest commandments, but never mind that and never mind the worst tyrants were the governments based on “reason”, “scientific” economics theories, and of course claims of rejecting superstition while embracing it. Watch the mud long enough and you’ll see life spring up from mud by itself. Just add enough time. Alice in Wonderland self-created.

Try explaining the anthropic principle to one of those guys. They know what it is but to avoid the obvious conclusion, they seek comfort in the circular argument. If you understood that much or can see what it means, and jump out of circular logic hell, you’re another step forward to true enlightenment.


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