Google starting to slow-censor search results

Google is going to start flagging web sites that its review teams " to flag content that might come across as upsetting or offensive":

This is the beginning of overt censorship by the social media arms of the government-media complex.

They threw it open for all, but now that these “powers that be” that operate in the dark are losing control over the conversation on line, they are going to the dominant social media titans in their circle of collaborators to start trimming politically unapproved content.

Their examples are way on the fringe right now, but that circle will tighten over time, according to their plans.

For example, a little later on, they will start down-scoring the Christian web sites that carry emphatic statements that without Christ all Muslims will go to hell. That’s not something I would put on a publicly available web site but there are some that might.

It’s time to start forming an alternative social media environment. People of similar persuasions should start emulating sources like wikipedia, google, yahoo (they’re not pure free speech friendly either), facebook (I quit out of facebook years ago), and twitter.

Gab is adding users daily. It works like Twitter, but with a promise to be a free speech forum. We’ll see how long that lasts.

With things like the NSA revelations from Snowden and now the CIA leak, we’ll see how long things last without more overt government intrusion into censorship.

Ever since the Bush-era Patriot Act, there are these nasty things called self-written search warrants that include a gag order. So we shall see how this issue unfolds, and everything else.


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