Wealth concentration vs. Capitalism?

That phrase “wealth concentration” is a fake-out to promote socialist robbery.

The only institution that can illegitimately and unfairly “concentrate wealth” is the government, because it forces redistribution at the point of a gun. Then it sends out agents that say it’s a problem (thesis), that too many people are too much richer than other people (anti-thesis), so TRUST US to make it right (synthesis).

So some gullible idealists people join a guerrilla movement (Castro, Sandinistas) that becomes a government when it overthrows the other one and takes power. And the guerrilla leaders become the new dictators.

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

The free market is by definition the VOLUNTARY exchange of goods and services in a transaction that increases the “happiness” in whatever terms each party to the transaction sees it.

You value the loaf of bread more than the money in your hand, the baker values the money in your hand more than he does all those loaves he has, do you exchange.

The baker is the capitalist because he acquired “capital goods” that he now uses to produce “consumer goods”.

Maybe the baker has more than the hungry man in material wealth. So what? The hungry man now eats, the baker can produce more bread.

If the baker makes too much bread, HE takes the loss. If the socialist dictator makes too much bread, he doesn’t care because he made YOU pay for the whole thing anyway.


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