The polls are bogus: Demand complete repeal of Ocare NOW! Rand Paul’s plan is ready!

AP says the “polls indicate Obamacare gaining popularity after the election” and that is a big fake boogeyman!

Grow up you dumb Republicrats!

Trump just proved that if you listen to the media or the polls you are going to go down. Into the ground. No more around. Adios RINOs.

Yeah, the people getting freebies think they’re “entitled”. Who made up that dumb word for freebie programs? Dumb! At least the Brits have a better word for it: The Dole.

Of COURSE the media was going to do this! Of COURSE all the Soros gangs, including Obama’s own OFA, were going to send loud mouths and screamers into town hall meetings! Of course they were going to follow Saul Alinsky’s rules and scatter the agitators all around the room and try to act like the spontaneous Tea Party protests of 2009 and 2010!

HEY! RINOS! Looky here! See how these same thugs started fights during the 2016 Trump rallies? What did that do for them? Nothing! Look who won! And in the states the Not-Democratic Party thought they were sure things, Trump won by BIG margins!

Do this and don’t forget to do the other.

Rand Paul’s plan, from what I’ve heard about it, is the best deal. Put HSA’s on steroids, let anybody get a 100 percent tax break on their medical spending, whether insurance or direct, and..

Tear. Down. That. Wall. between the states, and FORCE the insurance companies to compete across state lines to all 50 states! It works for car insurance!

And get out of the business of forcing everybody to accept medical treatments they don’t want! Tell your states to stop requiring vaccinations, and stop subsidizing Big Pharma with the freebie vaccinations!


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