Governments are the worst criminal fake news creators

So now comes the Guardian and floats this Tim Berners-Lee idea from the inventor of the Web to say he wants more regulation of what goes on the Web!

It must be a good idea for the Web, because its inventor says so! Right? No? Not right?


Chinese government firewall and internal speech police “protect” its victims from “fake news” and political speech.

Cuban government firewall and internal speech police “protect” its victims from “fake news” and political speech.

Cubans and some “Hacks and Hackers” members have created a way for Cubans on the island to access forbidden web pages on their smart phones and circumvent the “protection” that the Cuban government provides for them from “fake news”.

North Korean government firewall and internal speech police “protect” its victims from “fake news” and political speech.

There is a provision in the Chavez-designed Venezuela Constitution that says the news must be “truthful”. Desacato laws make sure there are no “false” criticisms against the government officials that decide whether the criticisms are false or not.

With Facebook looking to proven liars (Washington Post’s fact-check offshoot, Snopes, others) to judge against their members that dare utter banned opinions, one must doubt that any “objective” or “nonpartisan” panel would be “objective” or “nonpartisan”.

Would a reading of “Mein Kampf” on line pass muster with Tim Berners-Lee’s “truth commission”? In today’s political hierarchies among the powers-that-be, you’ll understand if the Rabid-Puppies list and Sad-Puppies list might be banned under government rules, since career government officials today do not like dissidents like the “tea party” applicants whose applications were slow-walked into oblivion even after a judge ordered them to hurry up.

How about famous dissident Milo, who had blown the whistle on THREE pedophiles, who got blacklisted from Twitter?

What about Edward Snowden’s revelations? What regulator in the U. S. government will defy an order to censor his TRUTHS from the victims of government abuse? Pentagon Papers? Deep Throat finds nobody willing to publish?

Nixon, Stalin, Mao, Lenin, Kim il Un, Pol Pot, these are historical figures who would have LOVED to have such an effective regulatory apparatus to control all the nasty political insults hurled at them.

One presidential candidate in early U. S. history called the other a “fat, balding old guy” and a lot worse with it. Another political dispute ended with Alexander Hamilton killing a political rival in a duel resulting from the aspiring tyrant Hamilton’s insults. But it took a tyrant in the presidency to lead a war among the states to stop secession over slavery. And even so, secession of the states is a bullish opinion today to get away from abuses by government.

What would happen to Jesus today? After all, he said that tax extortion slavery only applies to the subjects of the rulers who determine who pays how much. Then are the children (of kings and tax collectors) “free”.

Yeah, right. What if somebody calls a congressman voting for a tax bill is a thief? Will the regulators ban that?


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