Who decided to let MIddlebury students disruptors and the Berkely gang attacks?

Charles Murray was only partially shut down at Middlebury College when he went to present his ideas.

In my opinion, from what I have read about his ideas, I do not believe some of the conclusions that are used by the know-nothings to try to shout him down.

But he has a right to speak, especially when invited according to the rules of the property owners where he is invited to. And the know-nothing shouters are robbing themselves of an opportunity to refine their ideas and articulate them to others. If they had listened, they could learn how to refute the ideas without exposing themselves to arrest or even self-defense blowback. After all, not all speakers are going to come prepared to let them have at it like that.

Murray lauds Middlebury College for supporting his right to speak.

But one must also ask why they did not do anything to stop the students violating the rules of decorum. To avoid a riot is not enough. There is a famous SCOTUS decision from the 20th century that the Chicago police prevented a speaker so as to avoid a riot by protestors. SCOTUS said they had violated his right to speak.

Even more, everyone should be asking why the Berkeley campus or city police did not prevent the rioting and destruction that shut down a Milo event? Okay, everybody ASK THEM: WHO MADE THE DECISION? WHO??? Name the criminal who aided and abetted the assaults and property destruction?

Has anybody been arrested at Middlebury, speaking of which?


“All men are created equal” is not the same as “All men are identical”.

Thomas Jefferson and company surely knew that some children are born “different” in significant physical and mental ways, that’s nothing new, the pagan Spartans used to put such babies out on the hillsides to die “with dignity” (ha) as the death-friendly faction would say today.

“…And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation;…” – book of Acts of the Apostles

They put me into IQ-test based gifted classes in primary and secondary school, but if I remember correctly and having looked at some of the Mensa practice questions, it seems to me that it is near impossible to tease out EXACTLY ONLY genetic factors.

And there are aptitude differences. Tests have shown you can raise a person’s IQ as measured by standard tests by as much as five points just by playing Mozart during the test!! WTH? My son’s high school math teacher used to play the Baroque classical (not opera) during math tests.

I’ll bet you can take twin siblings, raised separately in very similar environments, and if one of them is home-schooled they will test higher in IQ.

I must say, though, that one should learn his arguments as presented before being able to declare them “racist”. Someone has pointed out that blacks are (as a whole) better at basketball, but whites are better swimmers. So what?

Each of us should be taken as an individual. We are equal in one sense: we all, each and every one, has the right to live free of aggression, having a right to life, liberty and property. We are also all equal before God, in a moral sense.

But we are not born identical, nor are we born with identical abilities.

My question to refute him would be to ask, what about brain physiology?

Another question would be, what about the “blacks” that have 70 percent Caucasian ancestry? Or one born of one Asian and one African parent? Did Murray factor that in? None of those whack-a-doodle students, minds bent by whack-a-doodle professors, had a chance to challenge the guy on those issues.
SPLC is the most hateful hate group in the country and the worst in the world today. Leftist whack-a-doodle professors second. “Hater-globalists” must be exposed.


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