At this link find a list of 69 verified, admitted false flag events orchestrated by the governments to move the opinions of populations to be more amenable:

Among these false flag descriptions is an admission by the CIA that it has the tools to do hacking and plant indicators that point to the Russians.

And please note, now it is public, and it has been public for weeks, although few of us were aware of it, and we were not connecting the dots in plain view, that somebody or somebodies in the OBAMA administration, requested a FISA sign-off on bugging Trump and staff, and that it was rejected by the FISA court.

Then in October they went back and requested it again, and the FISA court approved it.

To repeat what is now in the wind, on the streets:

Obama or his people requested to get eyes on an opposition party candidate in June of 2016, denied.

They went back a SECOND TIME in October to “wiretap” Trump’s communications, and IT WAS APPROVED.

So whoever says they got the unconstitutional warrant and did not use it IS A LIAR OR WILLFULLY IGNORANT.
(“dumb on purpose”).


FISA is totally useless as a safeguard. Was that after the nasty lie about beds in Russia? Did they use that to convince the judges? These judges are appointed by the Chief Justice. The current Chief Justice John Roberts was the deciding vote in the decision to declare the federal government can extort any amount of money they please from anybody they please for any reason they please, after he wrote at length the reasons it was unconstitutional. In plain view.

It’s time to end FISA and dismantle the “administrative state”.

Back to the “wiretapping”. Not even Trump ever specifically said in the tweet that Obama ordered it. He didn’t have to. Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton in blatant defiance of all ethical guidelines or concerns. If two corporate competitors would have done that, Lynch would have been throwing them in jail.

Jesus did say that what is whispered in the bedroom would be shouted from the rooftops.

The plotters and the globalists have their evil eye they were even so audacious as to dirty up the dollar bill with it (render unto Caesar that which is a worthless piece of fiat currency toilet paper) while they were robbing the citizens’ gold.

But listen up, ye who destroy the earth! The eyes of the LORD are in every place, beholding the evil and the good. And there are very hot places in hell with lots of torment for those who even now destroy the earth, and pollute the air waves with poisonous rot, and cast spells on youth. Reap and sow, God will repay.


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