Comey and Obama and what did Obama know and when did he know it?

Now comes FBI director Comey, apparently confusing everything again. He does not want a Congressional investigation into any pro-Cinton lawbreaking in his agency, or apparently any other agency.

Comey could have promised –or even leaked– that the FBI will collaborate with any Congressional investigation into a wiretapping of Trump Tower.

Comey could have promised he would investigate any such lawbreaking within the FBI himself.

Comey instead asked his DOJ bosses to downright deny that there was any that Obama ordered any such wiretap, if the New York Times story is truthful. You never know, they are such liars.


Obama did not have to order anything for Trump’s tweet to be based in fact anyway. The Democrats (loudly) and the Obama holdovers (quietly) have made up a straw man to knock down.

Obama never had to order them to do anything. This is a bunch that knows what to do for what they have to do. Sabotage President Trump. Operation Mockingbird Media is quoting all the “intelligence experts” and “analysts” that are denying it, and blacklisting the experts and analysts that are saying it is true.

What everybody agrees on it looks like is that SOMEBODY in the Obama Administration DID go, repeat DID go to the top secret FISA court to request to do a tap on Trump Tower Campaign Headquarters, and the FISA court turned them down.

That’s historic. People in the know have said the FISA court ALMOST NEVER turns down such a request from any intelligence agency. Edward Snowden blew the whistle on the numbers!

Was it somebody in the FBI or some other deep and dark department somewhere in Foggy Bottom? NSA? No matter, we all know that somebody in there would have told Obama. Obama made his accusations very publicly, we know that too. He also insinuated he had reason to believe something sinister about Trump’s campaign. He claims he said nothing any more strongly to avoid tilting the election. We all know he was kind of cool on it because they were sure of their designated heir’s coronation.

Until October anyway.

We don’t know, the people who made the knowledge public about the FISA-denied request in June 2016 did not disclose details on who asked for it.


But it looks like somebody also has spilled the beans about October.

We also know that the NSA did not quit collecting all intelligence.

With Obama’s orders going out in December to so-called investigate so-called into connections between Trump’s people and Russian intelligence, we know that somebody swooped up all the NSA stuff, and Obama’s later order to share all of it with other agencies (who doubts that, really?) so it will stick.

There is also the LYING pretense that Obama did all this to make sure that the goods they allegedly had on Trump and the Russians would not be destroyed by incoming Trump administrators.

And Mockingbird Media is all shocked that Trump would make a similar statement about Obama?

They are subtle snakes who try to set up the reader for their disinformation. Trump just tells it like he thinks it.

THIS IS ALL TO DISTRACT FROM THE CONCERTED (coordinated) disinformation operation meant to advance what it rightfully called a “soft coup”.

Come on, people! Tell them we want




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