Virus-injected mind control? Religious gene?

There are many studies about the regions in the brain, memories, etc.

The speaker in the video talked about a gene expression.

Who knows why the DoD decided against implementing this? Who really knows whether they did or not? Or whether all of them did? What is Bill Gates doing in that push to vaccinate? In one private talk, Bill Gates de facto admitted that vaccinations, at least in his push, are a population control program.

The author of “AIDS, Ebola, and Emerging Viruses” wrote about that.

But there are differences brain regions that some researchers have said identify religious proclivities. Some even implying they’re looking for a cure.

Their problem is that such proclivities are distributed evenly, no doubt, among all religious AND SO-CALLED “NON-RELIGIOUS” opinions. Some atheists are very strong zealots for their something-from-nothing religion. Darwinians are screaming mad at creationists for daring to question a majority opinion, and for people daring to question that they are objective, or suffer the affliction they use to accuse creationists: confirmation bias. They actively look for confirmation for their view.

And then there are priests of the “liberal denominations” with the same problem.

Traditional families and religions are the biggest problem the state (any “state”) has controlling its victims (aka “subjects”, “serfs”, “citizens”). This is the biggest problem they have always had. It’s not atheists or pagans or even “de-facto atheists”, who have no qualms about lying about their loyalties and lying their way into powerful positions, even using others’ beliefs in the process.

That’s how we get Inquisitions and witch-burnings in Christendom: psychopaths and sociopaths and unbelieving pretenders who act like they do not believe they will really have to answer for their sins. Because they do not believe they will really have to answer for their sins.

That’s why their biggest numbers of victims were REAL Christians who DO know their word of God and DO know they will also answer for their sins but DO know they are forgiven and so they will suffer what Wurmbrandt went through and what many Christians in Syria are suffering right now at the hand of USA-supplied ISIS.

Besides, Jimmy Carter and the DOD found the religious fanaticism of Muslims very useful for pushing the Soviet Union out of Afghanistan. The Obama-Clinton administration found the religious fanaticism uprising in Syria to be very useful in their goal of overthrowing Assad.

Make peace not war!

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