Billionaire-funded ruling class anti-Trump organized operations is against Forgotten Man resistance

The anti-Trump “Resistance” is doing the –paid– bidding of a dark sub-group of the “one-tenth of one percent” richest on the planet. It is a false front, in other words, of a group that has managed to become our ruling class over time.

Like the “hate minute” of Orwell’s 1984, a psychological operation to get people to hate the enemies of the “Inner Party” ruling class.

Alternative news sources have exposed them ever since they first started plotting, but with little effect, apparently until now. They’ve had setbacks. Jeffersonians killed the first central bank of the USA, and Andrew Jackson killed the second. There was an Anti-Masonic Party for a brief time. There were always some politicians that spoke out against the plotters and looters. After WW2, there were books like “None dare call it treason”, then “None dare call it conspiracy”. Here and there came defectors from these plans becoming Christians and exposing what had been whispered in secret.

Talk radio was set somewhat free in the 1980s when Ronald Reagan killed the falsely named “Fairness Doctrine”, in which the rulers (in government) determined what was “fair”.

Then came the Internet onto the world scene around the turn of Y2K. Alternative news forums sprang up that were not bound by the limits of broadcast licensing, or distribution costs, or entrenched Operation Mockingbird controls over advertising decisions.

Their sins are now exposed naked to see for anyone who wants the truth.

Operation Mockingbird obviously carried on to this day. The evidence is in the fact that the agit-prop organs are speaking exactly the same song, the same warnings, together.

Foggy Bottom, Deep State, Democratic Party and Republican Party bosses, Chambers of Commerce, government-financed and government funded academia (that includes the institutions that depend on guaranteed loans), George Soros, the billionaire foundations (Rockefeller, Ford, Tides…), school textbooks, “liberal” churches, pollsters, Big Corporate Compliance Lawyers, NSA-damaged Silicon Valley, Facebook chiefs, Google chiefs, Twitter chiefs, The heads of state in Europe except for a couple of decent heads, every central bank in the world, the European Union, clueless headless Hollywood tools, all of these scumbags who have done so much damage to freedom and wealth-producing markets everywhere, and specifically here, they are all of one voice in pronouncing evil against Trump.

That is his best endorsement. I’m a libertarian for INDIVIDUAL rights, which are the only ones that count. Laws commanding against discrimination defined by groups are no defense of any human rights.

Those laws against groups are defended by saying infractions are committed against “whole groups” of people. WELL TAKE A MEMO: the only reason any group has a LEGITIMATE “right” is that it is made up of INDIVIDUALS.

So join the resistance against government oppressors! Defend individual and family rights to life, liberty, and property.


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