Traditional culture, “alt-right”, trumps hate, Truth beats lies

The right hates immigrants? Breitbart? That is a lie.

For example, the bald-faced malicious LIE that Breitbart is blah blah. Breitbart is part of the American middle that is anti-racist to the bone, which means they (Americans of any color) believe that a man should be judged by the content of his character instead of the color of his skin. Liberate black Americans from the oppression of group think and you’ll get a much more just society.

Middle Americans also oppose the misogyny of dividing women from men, wives from husbands, letting men pretend they are women and “competing” in women’s leagues. They oppose the misogyny of sex selection abortion, the misogyny of telling expectant mothers they should feel good about killing their own babies, the misogyny of pretending there is no difference. They oppose the outrageous lie that the blame for rape is in society or some kind of “rape culture”, instead of the blame going to the RAPIST.

Middle Americans value the traditional culture that cultivated the economic prosperity that made the United States of America the envy of the world, the standard for the world. They appreciate the respect for the free markets it USED to have, before people were deluded into thinking that the government could solve any social or economic woe. That is borderline insanity.


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