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But government IS by definition, a freeloader.
The parasite middle-man that takes whatever it darn well pleases (try to tell Irwin Schiff otherwise) whenever it darn well pleases (civil forfeiture), and as much of its own money that you thought was yours (income taxes and property taxes and all other taxes).

And then it dribbles out just enough to (in their own minds) claim that they are doing it for the benefit of their own victims?

Nah, this racket is busted, brother!

Protection from aggression and theft? Nobody believes that. Private sector hires FIVE TIMES as many people as does government for protective services.

Roads? The government is using road blocks to cut Western ranchers off from their land, or once-wild unused land that they homesteaded by way of usage (see the Bundy Ranch atrocities and the suffering of the ranchers in Oregon).

Education? In terms of results best measured, by standard academic testing in skills needed for careers, and even thinking straight:

On average,
Private schools perform better than government schools (aka public schools aka government party line and decadence indoctrination centers). Religious private schools perform better than private schools, Home schooled students perform better than private schools.

I don’t know where charter schools fit in there, but logic suggests it fits between government schools and private schools.

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