Whose approval rating!?

Somebody pointed to Trump’s approval rating “keeps plummeting”. Those polls are now a laugh riot. They are ridiculous.

Before I continue, a disclaimer. I have VERY STRONG DIFFERENCES with the policies coming from Trump’s administration. I am an anarcho-capitalist libertarian. I don’t think there should be a president at all. I

Yeah, they are on a roll with those polls. How’s that working out for ya? Let’s take a look in the recent memory lane:

#1 he wasn’t really serious when he announced,

#2 he wasn’t going to last past the 1st primary (he got 2nd), #3 he said WHAT? That does it, he’s losing the next primary,

#4 he won the next primary, repeat #3 and #4 SIXTEEN times,

#5 (polls:) Republicans would steal the nomination from him,

#6 the Republican party recognized his nomination for president,

#7 He said WHAT? Now he’s going down in the election, no chance, look at the polls, he has a 98 percent chance of losing (the polls! the polls!),

#8 He won the election,

#9 (Barney Fife voice:) Surprise, surprise, surprise!! Trump won the election!,

#10 (recount!) Bring on Clinton surrogate Jill Stein for a recount! (Clinton camp quietly in panic, hoping they don’t audit the vote),

#11 Oops! Recount shows 37 percent of Detroit precincts were so badly over-counted (60 actual ballots opened where there were 368 votes counted in one of them) that the over-count by law stays,

#12 Surprise, surprise! Recount confirms the presidential vote winner in battleground states,

#13 Jill Stein says stop the recount, it’s hurting our PR and I got the funds I wanted anyway,

#14 WHAT YOU SAY? A full THIRD of Hispanics voted for him and twice the African-Americans that voted for Romney? Say it ain’t so, I can’t believe it, CNN didn’t show that,

#14 The electoral college will save us from the deplorables,

#15 the never-trump neo-cons will save us, they’ll save Hillary’s plans for dogfights with Russia over that evil Assad who blocked a pipeline and who is protecting the Christians from ISIS (oops who blew the whistle on that one?)

#16 the electoral college members were faithful to their oaths,

#17 cries for taking care of it, HRC will be present “in case something happens”,

#18 cries for coup ring out,

#19 inauguration happens despite plans for disruptions and vandalism and violence caught on video, and despite pleas for “something to happen to him”, and pleas from even Hollywood for a military coup to save them, and since then,

#20 presidency proceeds apace, fastest work in memory by a new president, while the Legacy Hegemony Media, already the most untrusted class of people by Americans, plummets even worse that Congress.

#21 ..and now we have the one-percenters and billionaires and Dark State operations funding their operations against the guy who represents the traditional family-friendly culture those oligarchs are trying to destroy, because it resists them.

Let us call them on their fake label now. That fake label is “Resistance”. Donald Trump represents the real resistance against the worldwide upper class “New World Order”. There’s another three words we should make them eat.




Some of you readers know what I left out.

What’s left for freedom won’t happen for awhile:

End the Fed.

Congress cutting back on the areas allowed for SCOTUS or the federal judiciary to rule on.

State sovereignty respected.

Local rule over education again.

No subsidized education.

Ron Paul’s idea on immigration sounds pretty good.

If you’re here already, you would get a permanent work permit (not citizenship) with no path to citizenship and absolutely no freebies on the backs of taxpayers.

If anyone, including big mouth politicians, wants to support them, they can do it with THEIR OWN money, not the money extorted by taxation.

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