Quinnipiac poll: Trump incompetent; People: Quinnipiac incompetent

Quinnipiac polling says people think Trump is incompetent. WE are laughing our behinds off in reaction.

It’s more like Quinnipiac and Yahoo have this big problem: we the people, we their readers, can’t figure out whether they’re incompetent or just plain liars.

This pollster Quinnipiac also got it wrong in their election predictions, and yahoo posted them faithfully and religiously.

These are like science pimps who find a drug safe if they think they have a nice soft “job” waiting later in the Big Pharma firms they “regulate”. Or do a climategate with their discredited hockey stick data.

They said Trump was running as a joke,
then he came in second in Iowa,
then he was going to lose all the primaries,
then he knocked down sixteen opponents,
then every time he opened his mouth that was the end of him,
then the Republican Party nomination would be stolen from him,
then he got the nomination, then no way he could get any Hispanic votes,
then there arose spontaneous youtubes of Mexicans and other Latinos promoting “Latinos for Trump” and “I came for the American dream not the Mexican nightmare”,
then he would not win the general election (Quinnipiac said so)
–and then he won the general election,
next they said the electoral college would bolt,
–then he got the electoral college vote (including a third of the Hispanic vote and doubling the African-American vote from previous Republican numbers),
next they called for assassination or a coup,
–then he was inaugurated…

So then they tried blaming the Russians (how could Americans be so smart?) and that has fizzled.

So they are still playing the Russian card, trying to implement their plans for another stupid cold war that will bankrupt us all,

while laying trial balloons for a mental incapacity coup,

while Soros and other color revolution money finances riots and mayhem,

while Obama trains thousands of professional trouble makers (“community organizers”) skilled in knowing how to look like more than they are, (how much money does it take for them to pepper a town hall with screamers?),

while some rogues and nasty intelligent agents (mostly CIA no doubt) are plotting scenarios for false flag Russia provocations, consolidating their Ukraine coup government, cajoling Europe into going along with poking at Russia.

Meantime, “they” plot false flags and different scenarios for a coup.
His enemies acknowledge that the Russians did not rig the vote. My gosh, if there was a real national audit, they have to be in panic about what of their own dark secrets of election theft would be uncovered. It was bad enough when the Jill Stein recount uncovered MASSIVE invalid counts that were so ridiculously in Hillary’s favor they had to leave the invalid Hillary counts in place. 37% of precincts in Detroit numbers alone.

If there is an obvious coup against this president, they may have to let it be for four years while they block everything they can.

And Operation Mockingbird will keep the press in line by hook and crook, bribe and Michael Hastings type accidents. Great Big Corporate Complex has been compromised with the wider forces pushing for international hegemony a long time ago.

So there will be trouble. And the Fed cannot help but let the dollar fall off the cliff eventually, and there are other forces coming together in what appear to be the storm clouds of the “end-times” forming.


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