Big Media: the most untrusted voice in America

With all the Untrusted Press a-twitter about Trump twitters, he has very arguably done more in his time there than many predecessors.

He cannot be blamed for the hampering that slow confirmations crimp his full planning. But he has already done some things. For some I “oh no not again”, for some I say “Finally!”.

“By their fruits ye shall know them”, and so far his VERY BEST fruit is that he has all the right enemies. And just like he said to the some 9,000 that came to his recent Orlando “presidential rally”, those enemies are enemies of his ONLY because they are the enemies of the people that elected him. I’ll add myself that those powerful forces with allegiances to other international power cliques that have done lots and lots of planning toward subjugating our country and every other nation on earth to themselves. Trump was elected to drain the swamp of those people.

OF COURSE that includes what I call Mockingbird Media, Mockingbird Press, highlighting the “Deep State” (uppercase) propaganda project known as Operation Mockingbird.

But God is in control and many of those rich rulers have been shocked at so many of their closely held secrets splash across news headlines in alternative press.

Be careful now. Prepare. The Evil Empire is preparing to strike back. It’s trying to figure out what it’s “death star” weapon will be. Failing all else they may pull a Maidan, or a Reichstag, or a Plaza Miraflores (Caracas,April 2002).

With all this going on, from this point on, if anything happens to President Trump that ends his presidency, we all now know where the blame will go. We now know who will rejoice if there is such a coup d’etat against the president put there in an election that even these enemies acknowledge he won. That will be leftists, and the faux “resistance” that in their rioting, burning and looting, and shouting, do the bidding of the Wall Street and Deep State insiders against the person who represents the people they consider dangerous to them. The ones they consider dangerous (to their hegemony) is an electorate that escapes their control. They lose control when they lose the mind control.



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