Washington Post business connections with the CIA

And now comes peacenik Dennis Kucinich blasting away at the Mockingbird Media, and exposing the dark underbelly of Jeff Bezos’ acquisition of the Washington Post close to the time that Amazon had signed a multi-million dollar cloud services deal with the CIA.


Can we trust the Washington Post to tell the truth, in view of this cozy relationship with hidden government operatives that consider themselves above the elected presidency of the Republic?

Did anybody at any time sign up for crazy social contract to be ruled by a secret government that considers itself so above the Constitution?

So now after the Clinton Crime Family has been exposed for hundreds of atrocities and civilian deaths in the millions, exposing secrets, as FBI reports now openly admit did happen, and arguably getting individual intelligence agents killed in the process, amid outrage from the Hegemon Press like WaPo, now they are leaking like a coffee filter to overthrow their boss.

If they succeed in getting Trump thrown out of office, that is called a “coup d’etat” that will install an illegitimate, renegade, regime in violation of the Constitution. At that point every soldier in all branches will immediately be forced to consider his oath. Every police officer and judge who ever took an oath to uphold it. Too many presidents and judges have broken faith and a workable government would have had them for perjury behind bars.

If they succeed in jamming up the works for the president’s agenda, that would be treason, as of course a coup would be.

In either case, especially if they succeed in overthrowing the president with their scandal manufacturing facility over there in Foggy Bottom, or Langley, the Constitution is then irrelevant and the eternal principles listed in the Declaration of Independence can be invoked. Such principles have infused the slow march toward expanding respect for freedoms in steps in Western societies during the last two thousand years.

Who can believe the Washington Post anymore?

We already live in interesting times.


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