“The Saker” wrote a list of convincing points that Flynn is the first domino to fall in the Trump administration. Sounds like they’re going after Kelly Conway next, or maybe Steve Bannon. They might be content with having sabotaged any rapproachment with Russia.

My reaction is cross-posted to his comments section:

The points int he list are very convincing. A sad day.

Sometimes they say “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t know.”

In this last election we knew that we had a one hundred percent chance of getting the worst that the baddest devil could offer with the smooth talking Jezebel on steroids, and there was a better than zero chance of getting something better with Trump. She almost outright promised jet dogfights over Syria, to go to war against Iran, to continue the program with the devastation in Iraq and the brutality she left behind in Iraq. He promised peace with Russia and a re-think of foreign policy.

You say Trump came out of a faction of Deep State. I’m not so sure. Maybe he matched some of that faction’s goals to try to avoid World War Three (or Cold War Two) but then arriving into the seat of power changes things. I had a powerful person from a Latin American country in my house that told me about this secretive Deep State clique, in a conversation about JFK. They have a lot of faces but they are organized. By now this should be obvious to those who care to dig for the truth.

They come with threats against your person, your family, they find things. They use a cancer patient like Ruby to knock off the patsy. If a president gets cocky, they’ll send out somebody to shoot at him. Even if he doesn’t die, which Reagan almost did, they’ll slow down the damage and take a compromise instead.

It’s probably still better for awhile with Trump than the irrevocable hell that could have been, but then this also exposes the Deep State for those in the know.

I think that was one message in the Will Smith movie Enemy of the State. We are watching you, we will stop you, resistance is futile.

How ironically outrageous that this “Resistance” in the streets against Trump is resisting against the true enemy of the One Percenter Hegemon.

This will not end well. But it is a law of the universe as sure as physics that whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. The orchestrators of this oppression will suffer and will get no relief. They are terrified at the prospect that the masses will become aware of them and their genocidal plans and get really angry. They have plans for that but God has plans for them.



  1. trutherator Says:

    For a different perspective on the departure of Flynn, Steve Pieczenik has a different take, for what it’s worth:

    Bottom line is, time will tell, and the US is still the one major superpower that impedes the consolidation of power toward the rule of the Beast.

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