How about American nationalists? What about the Forgotten Man?

Saw another use of the term today.

IT takes a special kind of crazy logic to keep on going with this theme about “white nationalists”. They have one guy who got WAAAYY more publicity than his following merited in the last few days, and then went to another, bragging about how many they were.

How’s that for cognitive dissonance, believe two contradictory things at the same time? Ignoring crowd sizes in the campaign, then suddenly discovering it at the most-watched-ever (present + broadcast) Inauguration, then blowing up the following of one guy as if he had more than ten people even listening to him, and another nobody ever heard of ever. I forget the second guy’s name.

The biggest danger today is not “white nationalists”, it is from the lying liars in the Fake News Networks who keep trying to make the paper tiger look bigger than it is.

When those Fake News Networks (social and traditional) complain about being called Fake News, remember that it is Fake Feminist Hillary Clinton and “You can keep your doctor” Obama that first started that name-calling. When they use it, it’s a code word for “whistleblowers that expose us and our crimes”. Washington Post made themselves the champion of it with some S&M pervert’s fantasy. Oops. They propogated the term, but after that faux pas, they pleaded “Can we stop using that term now?”

The Mockingbird Media did this with the Westboro Baptist Church, too. In the real world there are XX chromosome pairs, and XY chromosome pairs, but that band of sad sacks were never able to gather more than three dozen members even with all those millions of dollars of free publicity that Propaganda Media gave them free of charge.

Smearing web sites that expose the two-faced double dealing in Washington are naturally going to get flak from the powerful people that have had their way both in D. C. and in their Media branch. Honest and smart intellects will perceive it once their eyes are opened.


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